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(396.34 KB 889x1691 52v23.png)
Jim Stone: A Realization About The "Beast System" To Throw Out There + MY COMMENT Reader 01/13/2023 (Fri) 15:17 Id: ec12ee [Preview] No. 19645
Jim Stone: A Realization About The "Beast System" To Throw Out There

In the Bible, the "beast system" brings all who participate enormous wealth. I don't see the WEF wanting to accomplish that, instead I see a WEF that wants private jets, yachts, multiple homes and more while the peons are denied owning cars and get injected with whatever sht they dream up while the peons eat bugs and are forced out of their way of life that in reality is not destroying the world at all . . . . "climate change" is a ruse that scammers are using to cause us to accept becoming weak enough to turn them into gods. That is all there is to it. And that is NOT what the "beast system" is supposed to do.

The doom of the "beast system" is that you go to hell for participating.

Those who do not participate will have to eat from the garbage or hide out in the wilderness while watching everyone else rise, just to prove they are not for Satan. It's not about escaping a horrible situation, it is about accepting sacrifice and refusing a mark that is not of God, a mark you have to accept to avoid being an outcast and collect the goodies. That is not the WEF -

With the WEF you participate no matter what and not only do you not get goodies, you lose what you have and then eat insect gruel. It's all about the ego of psychopaths. People will therefore say no. Satan is way too smart to cause that!! With Satan, the answer is supposed to be a happy YES.

THE DEMON: Senator Scott Weiner: "Gas stoves cause cardiac problems"

Hey, let's kill two birds at once!! People are starting to realize we conned them with Covid and then maimed them with our shot. Plus, gas stoves can make heat during our "dark winter" when we cut the power. Heck, an outdoor propane tank will keep a stove going 24/7 all winter and give people heat when we cut the electricity to their furnaces. We can't have that!!! People love their gas stoves, but they won't if we blame all the heart conditions our poison shot caused on them!!!

The obvious real reason for the Biden proposed gas stove ban is so when they turn off the lights, you don't have a secondary option. The push for all electric is all about control and nothing more. Ban burning wood. Then ban gas stoves. Create a crisis or social credit violation. Then cut the power. No cooked food, no alt heat sources except candles, which they'll probably also ban. Biden got busted with actual classified documents and to top it off, those documents showed his corruption with China. Not a win, the FBI just blew it off. Pence played the hero and yelled at the FBI. No action taken. Because yelling scares tyrants??

The military has canceled the Covid vax. Too little too late. How about "Just a couple years of service" and then "back to civilian life as normal", only, after that shot, NO. Interesting how they changed policy after Hamlin collapsed. Chatting with team mates?? HA. Again, NO. More like chatbotting with team mates, he's gone.

The Republican controlled house voted to create a new committee on the weaponization of the federal government. HA. Like that will pass.

Might happen: 14,000 hours of J6 footage to be released to show the real truth of what happened. That's a lot of cameras worth.



Unvaccinated pilots wanted for WEF attendees. pic.twitter.com/4uKi6rlFyl

— Muchemi Kimani (@MuchemiKimani1) January 10, 2023: https://twitter.com/MuchemiKimani1/status/1612731110647291904?ref_src=

Reader 01/13/2023 (Fri) 15:18 Id: ec12ee [Preview] No.19646 del
>>19645 (continued)
The 15 minute city

Today is the first time I have heard of this, and it is the goal of the WEF to get everyone into one.

The concept is to have everthing anyone needs, from parks to entertainment to food - EVERYTHING within a 15 minute walk of their home. That means everything is within about 1 kilometer, not even a mile. The goal is to have everyone walk to whatever they need, including work, so cars can be eliminated. You will only be allowed to leave your 15 minute zone a certain number of times per year.

It will suck. Because even in Mexico where there are stores everywhere, (at least 100x as many as the United States has) - there are 4 reasonably priced grocery stores and 2 fully stocked hardware stores within 1 block of where I live and there are probably 30 within a mile - and it is the same everywhere PLUS 2 junk food stores, - even with it like that a 15 minute city won't work because specialty items are at least 4 miles away, in a country where "everything you need" is right at your fingertips.

I guess the 15 minute city is a Klaus Schwab dream of little slave plantation zones where everyone is slammed into tiny areas and travel is restricted to "within a 15 minute walk". That is far worse than the soviet bloc, where you could at least walk for a couple days without leaving your zone. A 15 minute walk could be had on any reasonably sized farm, or should I say "plantation?" The Soviet Union was considered a nightmare because travel was so restricted you needed permission to go somewhere that was 100+ miles away. Klaus wants it all within a square mile area, 10,000 times as restrictive.

What a fun future we are all headed into if this is not stopped.....

MY COMMENT:A totalitarian wet dream indeed, but no I do not believe they will get away trying to do this. At least not in America, the government would be facing tens of thousands of "Wacos" and "Bundy Ranches" if they ever tried confiscating private property on a massive nation-wide scale. It would be a declaration of war, and honestly I could see many States refusing to aid or enforce such despotic totalitarian agenda. Out where I live, I live in rural Missouri, everyone owns guns and next to no one trusts this government! Not even our AG trusts the government. Not our Sheriffs either. People out here, and no doubt elsewhere, will tell these WEF'ers to take a stroll off the nearest cliff! That said, wood burning stoves are not banned out here, they may be in some States and no doubt cities but most of us still burn wood for heat, and TUFF FUCKING LUCK what the government thinks about it!!!

Reader 01/13/2023 (Fri) 16:42 Id: b74aa6 [Preview] No.19647 del
(244.14 KB 724x814 thepoint.jpg)

Question: Where are the 7,400 homes? You guessed it! In apartment structures that look the same as the industrial areas with "30,000 jobs" all within 600 acres!!!

MY COMMENT: This is why the WEF'ers must admire China so much, most Chinese plebs are forced to live in compact cities with pod-like micro apartments with absolutely no privacy. Yah, I would have to agree death would be a much better option. We'll just die fighting against this if worse comes to worse. If even half of America has that attitude (trust me when I say millions already do) this won't go anywhere, it will end up like Meta's VR project which they too shilled for, a failed totalitarian wet dream that awakens to the reality that no one cares for this shit.... WHICH BRINGS ME TO ANOTHER CONCLUSION: What if this was not meant for us' but is being planned for illegal aliens who get granted citizenship (who are slowly replacing us), or could it be for their new artificial babies they are test-producing in labs? (yes state-run media actually shilled this idea I kid you not, see the link): https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/first-baby-world-born-eggs-21526442

Here's how I think they MAY be able to get this done - if my first intuition were wrong, this is mere speculation: they'll keep pushing the covid clot shots, keep warping the minds of children turning them into trannies who never reproduce, crash the Western supply chain on purpose, create systemic insolvency and with that crash the entire financial system, do "bail-ins" (theft of bank accounts), then make it super hard to resist their social credit score digital currency agenda (like mark of the beast Bible revelations), make living rural too hard for most people which would force them to either stay and die where they are or voluntarily relocate to the cities, then when 80% either die or move, WHAM!!!! They whack the rest of us using predator drones or midnight FEMA gulag raids!! HONESTLY I BET YOU I JUST NAILED IT!!!

Reader 01/14/2023 (Sat) 05:02 Id: 0814f8 [Preview] No.19650 del
That last paragraph. You really hit the nail on the head about why we're pissed off at (((them))).

Reader 01/14/2023 (Sat) 08:55 Id: b74aa6 [Preview] No.19651 del
We are dealing with pure evil that has no ethics, moral or human sympathy. Many are hardcore Zionists working as a criminal cabal, some are just greedy selfish brickhead middle men who actually believe they are "serving the country", regardless, it's important to know what these bastards are up to and to spread the word out. Most normies get upset when we talk about race or creed, so I'll avoid that for now and just focus on the jugular issue hoping normies will wake the fuck up: the fact is our country has been taken over by pure corrupted evil people and they want us dead and replaced, or at the very least completely disarmed and subjugated so they can bring back feudalism. That's their true goal. A high-tech feudalist prison planet.

Reader 01/14/2023 (Sat) 08:57 Id: b74aa6 [Preview] No.19652 del
Jim Stone's New Site (Mirrored), Previous Site Taken Down:

http://www.jimstone.org/ <----access direct server IP to bypass any ISP censorship

JIM STONE COMMENTED: This new server was paid for with bitcoin. BOOKMARK THIS SITE Claudia managed to at least temporarily get Jimstone.is shut down.

Claudia said she was going to take the site down because the e-mail address associated was hers, and I can't change that. The server is paid, that's not the problem. She started claiming I was using her identity for it but that's not the case, a second party is handling that, it is anonymously registered. There are no tech support messages and I can't contact them either because it sends a confirmation link to Claudia's box and it is MANDATORY to click it for tech support. There is nothing I can do about it.

After everyone sent all that damn money for her cancer, this is what she did. And I think it happened because American intelligence got agents planted in her scientology org in Leon, and they scrambled the shit out of her on purpose with an e-meter so she'd destroy me. What she has done is inexplicable.

Anonymous sent: Jim, I'm deeply sorry about your personal problems. My guess is that when Claudia was operated on, "they" got to either the doctor or a nurse and forced them to inject the stuff that's in the bioweapon shots that is responsible for the mind-control Rwanda massacre; in short the stuff that turns you into a golem.

I decided to send you this note in spite of the certainty that "they" will be monitoring who sends you comments, because the possibility that I outline above poses a physical danger to you and your work is too important for the world to let them blindside you.

JIM RESPONDS: All I know is that everything went to sh*t after the operation.

Reader 01/26/2023 (Thu) 00:01 Id: bf954a [Preview] No.19691 del
Wow. You're behind the times if this is the first you've heard of this, Killcen!

You may wanna check this out:

28 yr Veteran of Silicon Valley on Smart Cities, Street Lights That Kill, Digital IDs and More

And this, from a couple days ago:

“Highlights” of The World Economic Forum’s Davos 2023 Conference
https://www.bitchute.com/video/qjZeNdSt5mXJ/ [Embed]

Oh heck. While you're at it, watch another couple of his...

The Digital ID System Must be Resisted!
https://www.bitchute.com/video/xpTEoGRjNsbw/ [Embed]

The Control Grid and The Death of Truth
https://www.bitchute.com/video/LmAy39Ka8fLU/ [Embed]


But yeah, we've obviously gotta deny (((them))) this. The Digital ID is what's coming next, and it is the one thing we must fight most right now. They can't do the 15-minute cities very easily without the Digital ID.

Reader 01/26/2023 (Thu) 14:59 Id: 364b2c [Preview] No.19693 del
MY COMMENT: I cannot supply the link here nor there over the beef between 8kun & Endchan but I'll mirror this comment to both places! Brother, do yourself a favor and start thinking "low tech" and "no tech" solutions!! Have utilities that can run totally off-grid, there are still TONS of solutions out there to prepare now, while you still can!! We all know where they are trying to take us, but we can - and will - abandon their technocratic dystopia they have planned!!!! You need to make connections if you haven't already. Know your local food producers and support them!!! Buy from the farmers markets nearby!! Stash supplies!!! Stash basic necessities and goods to barter!!! Ammo and silver coins will be used for trade!!! Tools, related supplies and accessories will be used for trade!!! Eggs will be used for trade!!! Wild fish, as well fishing accessories, will be used for trade!!! Firewood will be used for trade!!! GET THAT FIAT ROLLING INTO HARD ASSETS BUDDY!!! BOTH OUR COMMENTS WERE MIRRORED TO /PND/ WHILE THAT SITE STILL ALLOWS ANONYMOUS POSTING.

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