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1st Amendment Under Siege As Journalists Are Now Being Detained In America Reader 01/23/2023 (Mon) 15:29 Id: 12c480 [Preview] No. 19685
1st Amendment Under Siege As Journalists Are Now Being Detained In America

Journalist Morgonn McMichael was detained upon return from Davos, along with 5 others!

"Yo this is unreal. A young US citizen who went to report critically on Davos is searched 5 times and has her passport seized upon returning to the United States?" commented Raheem, another journalist.

"Today I was explicitly told I was flagged and had my name on a list. This is what happens when Americans travel working to expose the evil. #FormerDetainee #WEF23 US Citizens searched 5 times in one day" said Morgonn, another journalist.

"UPDATE - Landed in the USA from Davos just went through border security and now my passport is detained and I have to be SEARCHED AGAIN with all of my luggage #WEF23" she replied later on.

"Getting a “random search” through 2 airports and 3 security checkpoints and again at my gate for a 4th search & pat down.

My name was on a list with only 5 other names I saw. When I asked why they said I had been flagged by TSA/ Homeland Security. This isn’t a coincidence…"

This is obviously a blatant violation of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press, both protected by the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights. Make no mistake, this country and it's people are under attack by an out of control rogue criminal regime.


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