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Raising Meat Rabbits to Survive What's Coming Reader 03/11/2023 (Sat) 00:38 Id: b0cb57 [Preview] No. 19845
Gardens Are Good. Raising Meat Rabbits is Even BETTER.
> and they produce tons of fantastic fertilizer that you can use in your garden.

You Will Need a Good Protein Source.
Rabbits are herbivores, and will not compete for grains with us.
Hunting and fishing are all fine and good for a VERY Short Time.
Remember, during the Depression ALL the Wildlife was virtually wiped out.

Raising backyard rabbits is the best way to survive. A few chickens for eggs too.
Never put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your food sources. You can't live off of just a garden and some eggs.

But rabbitses are EASY! 1 buck and 3 does will produce as much meat as an entire cow in a year… Close to 100 offspring. Easier to harvest too.

Between a rabbit tractor to roll around the yard so they always have fresh grass, and a few hutches, you can SURVIVE. There's not a lot of fat on 'em, but LOTS of Protein, and Very Little Upkeep. They eat grass and bark off yard cuttings, etc…
I'm building a rabbit tractor now.
Not needing to mow as often is a huge plus.
Remember to put about 8" of wire around the base parallel with the ground so the little escape artists don't dig their way out, and to move it twice a day, because they eat a lot of grass.

Watch This: https://youtube.com/watch?v=mbVS7UY4F4c [Embed]

Part 1 at: https://youtube.com/watch?v=P1ZlymVNb2g [Embed]

Marjory Wildcraft is pretty awesome, and has been living off the land and prepping since last millennium.

Grow your own food and medicine with the essential guide to modern self-Sufficient living


Your Ultimate Resource for Modern Sustainable Living


Some more relevant links to raising meat rabbits in particular:




(Some books to look up at bottom of above link)

More Links:



> “As much as we enjoyed the experience of raising, butchering, and eating these rabbits it no doubt comes with a weight as a carnivore. After all, it became very apparent that their blood was shed on our behalf. They ceased to exist so that we could continue to exist. Even if we were vegetarians, this would still ring true. Life is lost (be it the life of a rabbit or a potato) so that other life can be sustained.”

(Johnny is a brutal killer of potatoes, etc. — an Abuser of Vegetables, Fruits and Plants.)

If you read the comment section of the above link (and others), you will notice how far removed most folks are from their food sources, and how idiotic their thinking is.

Also, use the hopper popper, broomstick method or chain method. All of which are much better method than pellet gun. Too much can go wrong.



--Will Kill ALL Animals Humanely; Including Thieves, and the Jewny Nigturds of the world.--

And it's not too difficult to grow your own fodder.



Reader 03/12/2023 (Sun) 19:53 Id: d3a607 [Preview] No.19865 del
Premium Post.

Reader 03/14/2023 (Tue) 02:01 Id: 6914ed [Preview] No.19872 del
As much as self-reliance would be a smart choice, most have been raised without the wherewithal to hunt, gather or farm. It's not taught in schools for a reason. Obedience training. I don't think you'll find many with the heart to raise rabbits and then butcher them. Hunters these days just want a deer's head trophy on their wall they can brag about so they puff themselves up to feel better during their 9 to 5 wage-slaving.

Reader 03/14/2023 (Tue) 17:26 Id: ddbc36 [Preview] No.19892 del
It's not as hard as folks make out in their own minds.
We all kill.
Taking a breath of oxygen kills that oxygen to create a new life for carbon dioxide (which is NOT a planet-destroying substance, as is taught in the slavery indoctrination centers called "schools".)
Our bodies are ecosystems, just like the world around us, and maintaining harmony & balance is essential.
Of course, one could always buy glyphosate-sprayed mass-produced "foods" from factory farms, and purchase electric cars and electronic gadgetry, all the while convincing oneself that one is doing a great service to the planet, and "combating climate change", but that would just be fooling oneself.

Article on Odysee too, with a couple more links.


Reader 03/16/2023 (Thu) 02:59 Id: c50af9 [Preview] No.19951 del
How does rabbit taste though? Never had it before

Reader 03/16/2023 (Thu) 14:26 Id: e1cb87 [Preview] No.20009 del
A lot of people still butcher cows, deer and chickens for meat, just like a lot still raise meat rabbits to do the same. The problem is not enough people have the skills to do it or the will. They are too obsessed over their own conveniences in life. Right now no one is being forced to hunt and butcher to eat meat, they can simply go to an average restaurant or buy a few pounds of meat at a super market. When that convenience disappears after another major (manufactured) crisis, people may be forced to hunt and raise livestock for meat, or have to settle for a vegetarian diet. Most of the "vegan" food they make today is fake food btw, half of it is loaded with petro-chemicals and other preservative toxins. If you want to be a vegetarian at least stick with real non-GMO organic veggies.

Reader 03/16/2023 (Thu) 17:23 Id: f9623d [Preview] No.20019 del

I would also refer you to the Department of Agriculture Handbook No. 309
> PDF Related



This Peace Corps link from 1961 is very interesting and applicable also.


At that link you'll get a feel for how the entire community can become involved, and how raising rabbits for meat can benefit everyone, not to mention how valuable and rewarding the work is — all the products one can make, how nothing is wasted, how to make methane generators for use in gas stoves, even electricity, how to tan the hides and market every part of the rabbits.
If we are to survive, even thrive, raising rabbits for meat, fur, hides, garden fertilizer and energy production should become a much more integral part of our society.

> How does rabbit taste though? Never had it before
I know you're already expecting his answer, but it's true…
It tastes like chicken.
It's a premium white meat, actually better than chicken, imho.
You can buy it (usually frozen) in many supermarkets, and try it out for yourself. Laying off the grass for the last week before harvest, and only using the pellet food during that time makes for even a better taste.

There's usually no city ordinances against raising rabbits either, and it can be done on an apartment balcony. Really no excuse to not at least seriously consider this, if not actually DO IT. I am personally doing it and can attest to the fact they don't take hardly any time or energy, with the exception of making the cages, and the methane generator, if you want to do that too. You can buy cages, but making them is easy. See that link from the Peace Corps for good ideas.

Reader 03/20/2023 (Mon) 04:05 Id: 16371b [Preview] No.20292 del
Our animal friends can be great teachers too, and in that spirit I'll leave this here...

The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens | A MUST WATCH! | Story by George Lincoln Rockwell


Please Share With Friends, Family & Children

It's Really a Fantastic Tale With Deep Meaning, and I think everyone will get something out of it.

Frickin' Chicken Jooz...
...and so on ad infinitum...

Reader 03/21/2023 (Tue) 05:15 Id: abf014 [Preview] No.20310 del
Speak for yourself

Reader 03/21/2023 (Tue) 11:41 Id: 6914ed [Preview] No.20311 del
I can when I have the desire to. That then? I was not. Try reading comprehension.

Reader 03/21/2023 (Tue) 15:23 Id: fb0af8 [Preview] No.20312 del
This is all true BUT....

In the near future, when we become part of the failed third world, those that are not willing to kill to survive will simply not survive. We won't have spoiled brats or brainwashed feminine yuppies relying on grocery stores that no longer exist. Those that survive will be hardened criminals, doomsday prepper kooks, professional hunters and killers, maybe certain gangs and former rogue .gov & .mil militias too. Those who have and can hold onto their property and hard assets - and who will be self-sufficient - will survive, those who cannot will die. This is not a sane or friendly world we are heading into.

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