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In 2020, the Federal Police accused the terrorist cell "Unidade Realengo Marcelo do Valle" of planning an attack on ministers of the Supreme Federal Court (STF). The name is a reference to Wellington Menezes, author of the Realengo massacre, and Marcelo Valle Silveira Mello. All STF ministers were warned by court president Dias Toffoli to reinforce their security. The warning comes after the Federal Police's discovery that members of the terrorist cell exchanged messages about the routines of court ministers.

According to the non-governmental organization Safernet, which works in the defense of human rights on the Internet, the group "must be taken seriously" because it has a connection with school shootings. "The group revolted a lot after Marcelo's arrest and the threats started to address the judiciary", says the NGO.

Federal judge Marcos Josegrei da Silva, author of the sentence against Mello, came under threat. The group was also behind an attempted attack on former federal deputy Jean Wyllys, who resigned and left the country. "They mapped out what X-ray equipment was in the Chamber of Deputies to test whether a baseball bat would pass through a tube to carry a banner," says the source linked to Safernet.