Anonymous 10/18/2020 (Sun) 04:24:21 No.11334 del
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>site administration
i was an admin. pretty powerful gig. you have access to all boards. i was able to add custom js to all the boards there. all 3 of them, lol! you have a fuck ton of options for bans. you can peak at ASN ids easier, for both BO and admin, if you wanna see who the "troll" is.
>media management is noice
>you can spoiler anyones files, kind of like vichan
>i think you guys would be impressed
maybe throw down 20 bucks on a 6 month server slice and tinker around with newer lynxchan on some throw away site. tbh, there are not too many sites that use it and that is a shame.
uses xanderlynx/ diff take on prenumbra
uses kohlnumbra/^same^
>regular base prenumbra
very customizable, and the dev is alive and willing to offer advice.
<not too shabby:^)
Stephen Lynx New Shitting Street
im not anti-old engine. im pro-mobile

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