Anonymous Admin 01/10/2021 (Sun) 20:25:06 No.11469 del
I don't want to leave you hanging for too long so here's a short answer. If Odili wants to add more, or correct me, I believe he will.
Yes we are following and discussing the situation and as of now we feel safe Endchan's position. The several access options means it's harder to take it down, we try to make sure all of them (the clearnet domains, Tor, Lokinet support) work. This means more or less constant management ofc. There's a leeway in infrastructure, so even moving about is possible to some extent. Trying to make contacts with others in the same shoe, and help each other out if need be.
Endchan is a small target that hasn't really rocked the boat. If there's a "hitlist" I think we will see other places getting the short straw first, serving as a warning signal.

In my personal opinion from governmental point of view it is much better to leave people with outlets for their emotions channeling to, and which ofc they can monitor freely and easily, just by opening a browser tab, not to mention some script that archives full sites - I would think the US govt and big tech and such have some coders with some basic bydlon knowledge.
Right now people are sensitive, especially in the US, riled up, nerves raw. The whole last year was about heightened emotions, and anger. And I blame the media's sensationalism by large, they have to turn up the heat to 11 on everything to grab people's attention. Good for business. I think the situation isn't that bad, and we should take a breath, and calm down a little.

If I have some more to add, I'll follow up.