Anonymous 07/30/2021 (Fri) 22:38:34 No.11732 del
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Okay. It's in regards to the high amount of boards that Endchan currently has. I looked at the bottom of the site, and saw that there's up to 19 pages full of boards on the site.

I looked into them and noticed that they're just completely empty or dead boards that have nothing inside of it, or have just been completely abandoned by the owners. One page of boards has a total count of 50 different boards. Doing the math (50 * 19), you have around 950 boards on Endchan with only around 20-50 being actively used or with content at all. Most of the boards in the end of the site are just one off gags or garbled nonsense with nothing inside of them. Not even one single post

My proposition is for the staff to just delete all of the dead or empty boards you have lying around on the site in order to free up server space that you may be getting charged for. Archive the board if it has active content and maybe give a grace period for board owners and daily users using the board (maybe 1 year) to keep their respective boards up. If it's too inactive, just delete it completely after archiving it.

Basically, only keep active boards with at least a few habitual users and delete the older boards. And let new board owners know to keep logging in and posting on their boards