Anonymous 02/11/2024 (Sun) 12:04 No.19103 del
a live example of reason (1) from the latest porn-bot-spammer: (now deleted >>>/dump/1122 )
it was finding out the ip of the bot spammer did come from sweden

and as for reason (3):
having the swedish flagged porn-spammer be openly visible was more valuable as proof for bystanders than any claim of my part that the bot-spammer was using a swedish ip

and for reason (2):
after the first bot-spam almost two weeks ago, the bot-spammer was nowhere to be seen for two weeks,
but only yesterday and today it came back after both the illegal image and the message were modified to don't be the same as the previous ones,
meaning the bot spammer was now getting forced to generate unique images and messages to get its spam to pass the filters (if the bot spammer wasn't doing it already)
meaning the passive filters were effective, in a first time in blocking the bot spammer, and in a second time in making it more burdersome for the spammer to continue the automated spam