Anonymous Admin 02/11/2024 (Sun) 21:30 No.19106 del
I understand what you wrote.
Thing is we scrub the spammed images from the database, so it'll disappear from your board too. On one hand we don't want illegal stuff on the chan, and on the other we don't want users' browsers downloading them accidentally, and on the third hand occasionally we get notices from the hosting company, CloudFlare, private online csam monitoring services, and governments that they found some fishy crap and they want it gone.

Heh, you are a cool fella.
The cp spam is posted on most days of a week. Sometimes it rests for longer than a coupe of days, but usually it doesn't. On an average day it is posted several times, on 8-12 boards. If we are lucky we can catch it right away and delete everything. Sometimes it stay up for a while, probably these are the occasions when you notice it.
He never does the spam from the same IP. Most likely he uses Tor on one of the clearnet domains.
The spam is ongoing for years now. And he does it on several imageboards. Probably everything was tried to stop if, with filters, hashbans and whatever. It's no use. The easiest thing to do is deleting it in timely fashion.