Anonymous Admin 02/12/2024 (Mon) 11:06 No.19111 del
(38.49 KB 691x368 spoil-error.png)
I also did some tests. On a board I own I can spoil images just fine, OP images ditto - takes a reload of the page to change the thumbnail to the spoilered one.
I couldn't test on /dump/, I got an error, tried on /test/ where same error appeared. I assume as a global I can't spoiler images.
>Are OP images no longer be spoilerable only for /dump/ or is this happening on other boards too?
Seems to be fine elsewhere.
>Has something changed in the site-wide page structure lately, and could that change be causing this?
>Or what could otherwise be the cause of OP images no longer spoilering by moderation?
I have no idea. Will think some more.