Anonymous 06/27/2020 (Sat) 09:02:26 No.1540 del
To post on here with links -g, you need to set the cache to 0,
ESC -> SETUP -> Cache

set all the values to zero, and uncheck aggressive cache. Then you can get the captcha updates by refreshing with CNTRL +r .

My setup:
Tor Browser on Xorg (twm) -> headless server port 9050 as socks proxy -> Tor ->distant country for 1st hop + 7 hops ->exit=> 3 hops as per regular

or :
Links2 -g or links in terminal
-> 9050 on headless server-> 7 hops -> endchan.

Other options:

Close all ports except port 9050 outbound, proxy to port 9050 on headless server with tor socks5 proxy -> 15 hops -> target.

experiment with adding 2-3 https or socks 5 non tor proxies at the end depending on what you're doing. If you're sending endmail to a endfix server , with 15 hops, and 1 port I think you're probably OK.

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