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>That's suspicious.
Meh. Know thy enemy. Wanted to see what fuss was about.
>That artistry is a painstaking process
As an elective, it might be. But for someone who does it as a living, and has nothing else to do? They might have only had two or three guys doing the lot. Not like it was Florentine quality, anyway. This still has no impact on their actual symbols being far more prolific.
>given a few days and the right materials
Shit dude, you should be able to make it out of tiles in a few days.
>Cain was sent out among other people. Strange how it doesn't mention who they were
Exactly. Quite a flaw. But i have my own theories about the whole thing, like what the allegory means. Just don't feel like typing the lot out.
>You're not a Christian if you dismiss that certain characters existed from your book's text. Might as well drop the entire religion.
That's a bit extreme, and it's a good thing you're not the arbiter of people's faith. Besides, the NT is what really matters. Or do you actually think Noah lived several hundred years, and built a boat to hold every single animal (x2)?
>Are you a Christian Kabbalist?
I've dabbled, but it's not my foremost esoteric school.
>Via "Jesus is the enemy enough to spit at his name".
Yea, that's a later thing they added. Q/C/Kabbala(h) existed before the Pharisees added all that shite.
>So same temple
Like Theseus' Ship? Sure, why not.

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