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>Meh. Know thy enemy. Wanted to see what fuss was about.
Right. So after Alex Jones was recorded that he had awareness of the JQ, he married a jewess and began shilling hard for Trump and Netanyahu. You're palling around with the enemy? That's a sign of being compromised.
>As an elective, it might be. But for someone who does it as a living, and has nothing else to do?
>They might have only had two or three guys doing the lot.
>Not like it was Florentine quality, anyway.
>Shit dude, you should be able to make it out of tiles in a few days.
Wew Playing everything down seems like your favorite thing.
>Besides, the NT is what really matters.
Okay. Matthew 5:17.
>Or do you actually think Noah lived several hundred years, and built a boat to hold every single animal (x2)?
Was this about me or Christians? Esoteric Hitlerism is my focus. I broke away from that religious indoctrination. Hell, I still use it to trigger obvious kikes like back in the day against the nigger spammer. If you're struggling believing your own religion, it's time to hang your hat. "Allegorically".
>I've dabbled [in Christian Kabbalism]
It's really not looking good for you or freemasonry.
>Q/C/Kabbala(h) existed before the Pharisees added all that shite.
Rather defensive about that jewish "holy book", wouldn't you say?
>I figure all Americans are [Zionist traitors]

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