Anonymous 03/16/2019 (Sat) 02:45:50 Id: 5d1a3f No.70938 del
>Nobody forced them here, the jews only openned the door, they choose to come.
Jeopardy is such an easy game. What were the USvsIraq USvsAfghanistan and USvsSyria Israeli proxy wars? "Nobody".
>You are not supposed to hate anyone. To hate is to be impacted.
We're already impacted by the jews. Literally. They're pushing in almost every country's shit, they have their mutilated dicks so far up many country's asses through wealth lobbies and media hegemony.
>You're not meant to be affected but to affect,
Too late. We've already been affected by their media attacks for decades.
>to purge them out. Not 'cause of impulsivity, but for national consistency.
Muslims have taken my European ancestors' homeland. I know they need to be driven out, but I'm also aware it's absolutely fucking impossible without ending the stranglehold over the masses that jewish media, political leadership, banks and social media have over the masses. I disagree with "purging". Old guard National Socialists never purged. That was all atrocity propaganda.
>A place where anyone comes in and out can never be a nation,
>and the only reason others do come is 'cause whites have become docile sheeps.
The norĀ­mies are still brainwashed. There will come a time when the sleeping giant is awakened. All this event proves is, should jews ever be removed as the parasitic piece of shit they are, that we're perfectly capable of handling ourselves against remaining forces.