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>He focused on muslims as one of the higher birthrate immigration races, instead of the corporate and political jewry, but
No "but". He didn't focus on what is most important to identify and cleanse from our societies. Tommy Robinson is an actual Mossad agent anti-Muslim kike. We are not pro Tommy Robinson.
>Easy tiger, I'm not a number-channer.
Never said you were. I'm familiar with 8chan. What they do as LARPers is seek to further villify National Socialism (as if enough lies haven't been done already). This through KKK tier faggotry, demanding the deaths of the Irish/Scottish, wanting to kill off Poles, etc. Divide and conquer tactics. Focusing on anything but jews. The result is anti-National Socialist mentality. "Denazification".
>In any case, I thought it was pathetic (cowardly) to dismiss the event as "not relating to us"
The truth isn't cowardly. The statement wasn't made out of fear of anything. Our BO knows what I'm talking about. We have never been pro-Trump here. The escape from 8chan was primarily due to being banned under imkampfy for pointing out Trump's Zionist faggotry. We have never been pro-Freemason. That is an entirely jewish controlled operation. This shooter was both of these things.
>The media and corporate establishment will continue to crank up the vise around nationalist movements and would do so even if he hadn't done what he did
This gives them more of an excuse to crank up the shit-show and further cuck countries to replace us.