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Upon this observation I offer two things, one of conjecture upon available data, one of a path forward. The conjecture is, based upon all the things discussed above, the violations and predations by the parasite demonstrate a very clear understanding of what causes a civilisational descent. The animosity of the semite has been known since time immemorial and where ever they weaved their webs calamity has followed. I believe they truly have lived up to the parasite moniker in this way for they have quite literally sucked out the social and financial capital of every nation they have entered and thusly have presented themselves as quite possibly the most dangerous organism observed to our people. An organism that plays both the role of victim and schemer to such a degree that many do not know they are a unique race. The second being the greatest threat to the parasite is the very concept of National Socialism.

Now regardless whether you are a full National Socialist is irrelevant (although by now you should most certainly have sympathies for it if not following it's values), I want you to consider the factors that they deem most dangerous to their power. Nationalism, the notion of a group of people holding providence over their own lands and wishing to hold it for it is their lifeblood and history. Combine that with Socialism, caring for your own and offering both a future for their own people and succor to those that hold dear the very same things you do in times of need. This creates a bulwark, a barrier they cannot defeat for within it is a combination of love for ones own people and a will to defend it. It is an evolution of a cohesive people, a way to safeguard all that makes a Man what he is. It is why the parasite tries to vehemently to crush any and all mentions of National Socialism, be it the laughably pathetic (((Neo Nazis))), the depictions of "EBUL NAZIS IN MUH MOVIES" or the invocation of the "holocaust", it all stems from one simple fear; the idea of the sons of Europa building something more out of the ashes these despicable creatures have left us. Which is why we must prepare accordingly.

Now what do I mean by "prepare accordingly", do I mean purchase a dozen AR-15s or in the case of my miserable isle a pack of assault spoons? No, no I do not. I mean learn. Learn and teach. Learn skills, useful skills that can be passed on to kith and kin. I mean teach those you trust what is coming in as careful and considerate a way as possible, what is happening now and what we can do about it. I do not mean simply go to your closest friend and go "niggers are retarded and kikes control our country", it may be true but to him you will seem a mad man. I mean position yourself in a way that as things decline that you can help brothers in need of help. The parasite will do all it can to delay what is happening, it has to in order to maintain the illusion of control it has, it is paramount for it in order to bleed every last drop of blood from our people before it releases the desiccated corpse of our civilisation from it's grip.