Anonymous 10/31/2019 (Thu) 10:43:58 Id: 7d1a80 No.76514 del
Yes, I'm aware of that, but that post was a joke. Anyway, kikes co-opt and subvert literally everything and have done so since forever. Whatever new you make, no matter how good of an analogy it is, will get twisted, corrupted and slandered by some devious kike mind. And it will take them much less effort to ruin it than it will take you to create it, making it a question of efficiency and attrition. Don't get outraged, it only feeds them.

When you are surrounded by clear water, it's easy to move to another pond when the parasite infests the first one. When everything around you is full of toxic shit, you have to do it the hard way and remove the source of filth, then purify the water. We'd have to do that with the memes.

We would forgo a lot of our ancestor's culture, and a lot of knowledge just because it was stolen and/or co-opted by some Jew at one point. Being pedantic has it's uses, but do you want to actually accomplish something or just console yourself how you know all of their tricks while they escort you and your family to their soy farm?

It's good that you mentioned Matrix, a movie which takes inspiration from the Aryan Vedas, but then makes a Jewish twist, making it all about farming people and virtual reality.