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Most humorous is the retard who tried to claim Assad as a kike (his post was deleted, banned for a month) when Assad's family line descended from the Shia Islam Kalbiyya people.

We used to have a Syrian war thread which covered the daily Syrian army attacks against ISIS. You are delusional if you believe the POTUS's bullshit that America ever fought back ISIS.

Syria vs. Israel:
The old run down thread I mentioned of Syria/Assad vs. ISIS:
The U.S. Gov plan to blame a chemical weapon attack on Assad before DJT blamed Assad for a chemical weapon attack:
Hillary Clinton wanting Syria destroyed for Israel:
Saudis and Quatar funded ISIS:
Obama administration supported ISIS:
US made missiles used by ISIS in Iraq:
US forces rescue ISIS commanders:
Yasmina Haifi suspended after revealing that ISIS is a Zionist plot:
UN reveals Israeli links to Syrian rebels:
IDF medics treated Syrian rebels:
Syrian rebels protected the Israeli border:
Even kikes of the Jerusalem Post admitting Israel was supplying Syrian rebels:

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