Anonymous 06/10/2020 (Wed) 05:29:03 Id: d0e8f9 No.80651 del
>First of all, i was talking about technique,
Israeli technique.
>secondly, i just want to know what caused that massive chimp out. Who to blame?
The cop and mainstream media are to blame. See, with police officers, they're trained with propaganda to scare the living shit out of them. They're terrified of being shot to death, because they're shown videos of police officers being shot to death. Cops are trained to shoot first before being shot if it even looks like there's a possibility of the perp pulling a gun.
>Was it an accident or an intentional murder? Was it police brutality and\or racism that BLM talks so much about?
Police brutality based on Israeli brutality. Not racism. Police are that violent with Aryan suspects also, and there's a high number of non-white cops. There were no "white riots" when cop Philip Brailsford murdered Daniel Shaver in cold blood in Arizona. There are no "white riots" when blacks murdered white families. The jewish mainstream media intentionally points out white cop on black criminal violence and doesn't give a fuck about black cops on blacks violence or blacks on blacks violence, which is much more frequent. As for police, their sadism is what they learned from Israeli jews both with the technique of kneeling on the neck and rubber bullets in the eye. JIDF in Israel against Palestinians are notoriously violent.