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Abigail = 1789-1790, caught 64 brought 53 back alive from Africa. Crown Gally = 1720-1721, brought 240 from Madagascar, Southeast Africa and Indian Ocean islands. Nassau = 1836-1837, caught 206 brought 185 back alive from West Central Africa and St. Helena. No info on the Four Sisters. Queen Anne Gally = 1707, caught 112 brought 90 alive from Africa. Bela Eliza = 1824, caught 381 brought 369 alive from the Bight of Benin in the Gulf of Guinea and the Sierra Leone (west Africa). Betty Gally = 1700-1701, caught 80 brought 64 alive from Africa. No info on Hester. Elizabeth = 1718-1719, caught 190 brought 160 alive from the Gold Coast and Bight of Benin. No info on Antigua. Betsy = 1746, caught 292 brought 240 alive from the Bight of Biafra and Gulf of Guinea islands. Polly = 1747-1749, caught 387 brought 331 alive from Jamaica's Gold Coast. No info on White Horse. Expedition = 1773-1774, caught 161 brought 143 alive from Senegambia and offshore Atlantic. Royal Charlotte = 1784-1785, caught 412 brought 377 alive from the Bight of Biafra and Gulf of Guinea islands. No info on Caracoa. I used and don't really give a shit enough to keep searching elsewhere for fine details on the ships the site had no info for. Feel free to use whatever search engine you do for the rest if you're that interested.

Watch (jewish marranos brought negro slaves to america.webm) >>84142 He goes into detail that they held the ports. The first webm in that post also displays that they sold slaves in newspapers under obvious jewish names. So the point being, jews owned the ships, the ports and sold slaves. Not just from Africa. It was interesting to learn they took Jamaicans too. There's another group of blacks that can be turned against their former slave masters. Here's the mp4 version of that broken webm I tried to upload yesterday.