Anonymous 03/09/2021 (Tue) 18:33:43 No.84186 del
I personally do not share your view of AnPrim however I will agree with some points. I have read ISAIF several times so far and some problems that Kazynsky puts forth are indeed addressed by the AnPrim "ideology". What I think however is that recognising that such life style is needed, itself needs an industrial society, trough which you then conclude that living like a cockroach, feeding off antidepressants is no way for any man to live. I personally always defend a natural life style of a selfreliant farmer. I think that family life, away from the (((City))) is the actual solution to many of todays problems. If you can provide everything trough farming and hunting, you have no need for capitalism, at least not mass market one. You might need to exchange some chickens or potato seeds for a goat, but that is hardly comparable to the throwaway infested wormbrain that we suffer from today.