Anonymous 04/17/2021 (Sat) 23:59:52 Id: 655687 No.84488 del
>The owner was an obese, whiny little man who didn't even react when servers were snorting cocaine off the clean trays food was about to be served on.
That actually happens a lot in the food industry. It's not a good place to work in

>Nobody could do anything right even after months of repeating the same monotonous crap. We were treated as garbage, which is simply the way jews treat Gentiles. Nothing is ever good enough.
Yep, already went through that with another kike

>The fourth kike was a jew midget coworker, overnight stocking. Despite being hideous (with a face like troll dolls from the 90s), she was a slut and tried to whore herself out to the whole team.
Yep, knew another one who was just like that. Except it was to one tall, German looking friend I had. Who wanted nothing to do with her

>The sixth, seventh and eighth was in a cake bakery. I applied for the job because the advertisement was double the minimum wage. T
> The ad was a lie. I was paid minimum wage

Went though that too with another kike. Was paid really low and scammed one of the most recent people he managed to scam

>He watched the cameras like the lifeless vulture he was, at his home, and called me telling me to harass customers about minor little details.

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