Anonymous 05/08/2021 (Sat) 10:09:42 Id: 73221e No.84620 del
If any anon can clear up I'll be greatly grateful, so Israel is the biggest terrorist pusher in the world, then we have the green book, written by Gaddafi not Saddam, and Gadaffi is known as the biggest terrorist player in the last century, but he's not an israely, so my question is what the fuck happened? Bo don't ban me I want to find the real answer, I don't believe in the Straserietes and their revoution, Goebels was right in his speech by saying the revolutionist was no different from the warmongers and they'll never reach peace with their con-nationalists if they keep calling for a revolution; My question is where does Gadaffi fits with all that terrorism, and also where does Sadam fits in this world (I can make a better man out of him just wanting a better world for his people)? I do not think the death of them was positive to their nations, for I am a nationalist and I think every nation should find his own way, but I do not condone the so called terrorism (for it has spray into my nation) I know the influence the jews had on my nation but to disregard the work of Adolf Hitler, for fuck sake I'm Stading On The Shoulders Of Giants, and I won't let judeo-terrorist claim my nation, so if any anon has a different opinion or knows something speak up, but I won't let the jews lie to my nation again. Was Gadaffi a puppet? Was Sadam a puppet?