Anonymous 05/13/2021 (Thu) 19:36:52 Id: 920532 No.84668 del
I've been to 4chan in it's early and later years. This entire site (endchan) was apparently created to get away from and there's still at least two of us who remember that pile of shit. Degeneracy was always rampant. Strasserists shilling against Hitler, kikes shilling for Israel, degenerates shilling degeneracy. Jews calling jew and kike to anyone and everyone there, including the moderation doing so with anime weeaboo images. Even pedophilia was permitted on 8thousandCucks as long as children were clothed under kikewheels and then most likely confiscated for Jimkike's personal use when he abolished it. Yet actual National Socialists were banned. Pointing out that Angela Merkel is a jew was banned. Pointing out that Trump is definitely a Zionist and a jew was banned. This board does not exist as a "bastion of free speech" simply because National Socialists had to leave those festering fecal waters at 8chan. We're here to stand as a bulwark against jewish agendas. None will be tolerated here. Not even someone making a "mistake" and "accidentally" shilling degeneracy or concepts contrary to any aspect of National Socialism which has been a common game of shills here for years. Maybe not all that have been banned here realized they were shilling or were aware they were promoting jewish agendas. Maybe their minds were just that fucked and they were still stuck in the ZOG brainwashed mindset. It doesn't matter. This is not their board. Shills call no shots here and will find no safe harbor.