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A historian of the revolution, V.L. Burtsev, who knew Goloshchyokin, characterized him as such:

>This is a typical Leninist. This is a man who does not stop the blood. This trait is especially noticeable in his nature: the executioner, cruel, with some elements of degeneration. In party life he was arrogant, was a demagogue, a cynic. He did not count the Kazakhs as people at all. Goloshchekin did not have time to appear in Kazakhstan, as he stated that there is no Soviet power, and it is "necessary" to orchestrate a "Small October".

The (((ussr))) also helped with yet another famine lasting from 1919 until 1922. Imagine that /pol/, thousands if not millions of your own people getting killed. Only to have the descendant of your killer insult everything about you while you're in your grave