Anonymous 11/27/2021 (Sat) 08:08:53 Id: 3d6857 No.85981 del
I haven't gotten vaccinated. But what I have seen is pretty humorous if not ill boding for some concerning the vaccine and the future. What I am talking about is concerning the mandates for it, while most people knew at some level the mandate was wrong in principle, as evidenced by their initial reactions. None the less, it took only minimal pressure and the threat of lost employment to get compliance. I began thinking about how much "faith" these people actually have, if you've been mingling around modern church goers or most modern religious folk in the west. The abhorrent and sickening truth becomes unveiled rather fast, under this modern conception of religion in the west most people fall under its tenets. Most notably and the focus of this spearhead, their spiritual teachings must be aligned with liberal capitalist consumerism and its focus on psychological well-being. Thus messages should always be regarding love and happiness, not the burdens of resistance to a corrupt and dying world. Don’t worry, by happy, is the outbound pennant. But this brings into question the very purpose of faith itself. If so-called “believers” can only do so successfully in times of plethora and luxury, then what will become of them once they are called to the bottom of the worldly docket.