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I haven't been vaccinated either, though my career demands it. What I did was arrive at a compromise. An exchange for silence about the fact. I plan on this the next time these bastards demand it, though someone else is likely to come upon a brainwashed imbecile who believes themselves a stalwart of virtue and thus will not permit the deceit. As for the weak of faith, I can only help relate by means of describing the Weimar Republic before National Socialists rose. Starving Germans were at the very bottom of the worldly docket. Many committed suicide. That is what will happen to the weak when economies utterly collapse. The SJW will not be able to survive. The NSDAP rose because there remained those strong enough to live. Eventually, they were crushed by overwhelming forces. Pathetic forces that could not handle such a small nation for many years without ganging up to pick on the smaller foe, aided by lice spreading Typhus and destroying supply lines to cause starvation. They had to destroy much of it's art and ideals out of fear of the German √úbermensch. Great strength is feared; great strength is oppressed and put down with petty tactics. No matter how strong, there is vulnerability known to those Davids terrified of the Goliath. They will fling their little stones, shitting their pants from fear and crying out in mock pain as they strike the giant. Mortality is still a complex issue. How to keep the giant once risen, alive, is the question that must be solved for there are other giants in opposition.