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Cuckchan is full of contrarian nihilistic insecure degenerate subhumans, it's both shills and the good goyim with their D&C that killed the board. At this point you almost don't understand who's jewing who. Both sides have rich kikes with ties to chabad who planned on killing whites in Eastern Europe long ago and yet there are absolute bottom of the barrel retards picking a side and shilling for one, Russian ZOG especially, even though it's an obvious golem for kikes, despite all the global hysteria. Why is it Russia during the (((denazification))) doesn't destroy the businesses and banks owned by jewish oligarchs in Ukraine for example, but bombards civilians and sends shitskins and mongoloids to kill them? And biolabs, they weren't even touched either apparently and if they were, they probably were evacuated. Kikes in the west are very content with how all the things go anyway.