Anonymous 05/15/2022 (Sun) 13:59:09 Id: 053c20 No.87438 del
The same as their lies about Christian religion, jews pretended ancient Greek medicine adapted by Germans was their own invention. Kikes invent nothing. Emil Kraepelin was the German who came up with dementia praecox. Eugen Bleuler, (((Karl Marx's))) buddy took the ancient Greek skhizein+phrenos the term for split mind, and thereby claimed Kraepelin's ideas as his own.

Billy Meier's Pleiadians are also based off of the ancient Greek Pleiades from the Greek religious pantheon. Again, lunatic fringes seeking to discredit by trying to make National Socialists seem insane. This is an on purpose attempt to create an instant Pavlovian response that to hate jews is crazy - as frequently displayed by brainwashed normies. Trying to make National Socialists look insane has jack shit to do with Europeans besides being the subjects of more deception. If all you're here to do is push the message aligned with your posts that being against jews is insane without outright saying it as you rub your hands together, then you're in the wrong place.

AS FOR DMT, Global Rule 1 is Nothing illegal under US law. I was warning what the penalty is for making it, since your post was promoting it. I have looked up what the consequence is.