Anonymous 05/22/2022 (Sun) 13:52:37 Id: 4556c8 No.87529 del
The jews fight back with their usage of lies of the press because they control mainstream media. As for literally being hard targets - kikes are soft. No lone shooter ever goes after the (((CEOs))) and (((chairmen))) or government jews. They always slay middle class or lower class while jews reside in the upper class with their typical greed hoarding of wealth. No kike in his ivory tower skyscraper office really has anything to be afraid of but the gremlins are afraid. There is never any possibility of a violent death to them; only the high probability that they'd die due to some inherited genetic disease. Because their bloodline is trash, they're neurotic. Paranoid cowards, influential yidds cry eternally against imagined threats. The jew is never a victim aside from their own psychosis. Kikes' fear is only rivaled by their innate desire to destroy everything.