Anonymous 08/16/2022 (Tue) 08:57 Id: d55d51 No.88200 del
>I can't post there anymore without getting attacked and insulted.
Thats okay anon i from 3 years being there got from hasbaras to basic leftypol cannonfodder whole cointelpro tactics of cognitive warfare and came out more unyielding than before.
Like my favourite hasbara troll spewing bullshit below
>Anyone who makes national socialist generals is a glownigger bot tranny discord grooming fed with pre programmed responses for which i was watching for 5 years and have evidence which i never post but insult also those wanting to see the supposed evidence but say that they are actually trannies and later they dont actually have discord but matrix no actually it is discord matrix which i spied on for 15 years no actually they are CIA making 4chan to associate with nazis to shut it down no actually they are trannies grooming natsocs to be communists no actually they are feds and bots making /pol/ nathzee when no one gives a shit about it the threads with Z instead of sig runes shilling civnat with race mixing encouragement and putin is my evidence that you dont belong in imageboards no you actually are grooming children to commit mass shootings look at brendon gayton Not you actually make these when janny recruitments are up to do mess reeee bla bla bla

>I get scared for my life actually when doing it
Nah you dont need to get scared words are nothing only they get hurt by words not us you would forget about them within few days like nothing happened