Anonymous 08/16/2022 (Tue) 10:54 Id: d55d51 No.88201 del
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And of course giving dishonorary mention to any ancap jew
>No ancap is about freedom of communities
>Ah did i said the freedom in communities no only if free market requires it but still everyone can do anything
>What did i said only when free market requires it and still you can have natsoc state? Nah its not profitable but still freedom dont forget
>Eeeh what did i said? Free market? Nope onky profitable things are good and so trannyism and degeneracy is better but still remember freedom
>No jews are just better because you cucks gave up to them it wasnt like jews exploited, blackmailed or straight up killed opposition in "muh competition" hypocrisy you non liberty types are responsible for all of it not the thou art what thou art wilth because money is better than its own blood and no its not jews it was better people but still you can too be ceo of fed because freedom and competition
>No the degeneracy is because of state oppresion and state not because of beyond state powers you are just a degenerate nathzee
>No the gdp and money matters not the fact that despite gdp people starve they live in strong economy because they grind money for me for free remember still you have muh freedams and defenetly i did not made a one giant slippers slope with my hypocritical ideology of ruining social contract but using it for my zion reasons