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Abolishing unions was not a damaging thing when we look on present unions what they achieve? Nothing prosperous its just a paper tiger or a tool to stirr down order or even help to the employer to his policies to stomp over worker more and that was what Hitler knew and made DAF as sort of state union where membership was a must have and corp. had not much power since he was constantly under the watch
>Anti worker
No nsdap wasnt antiworker, none heavy taxation and heavy income tax was a thing, min wages werent on purpouse cut lower because of "economy" on contrary NSDAP was with tsar nicolas II pioneers in laws protecting workers rights, neccesities and well being which you see even today like in locker rooms cafeterias and 40h work week payed holidays, sick leave and so on, you would be like a pig in wheat under nsdap social and labourer protection laws having no fear to work even 16 hours practically getting pickpocketed by unecceseary work etc.
Nsdap labourer protection laws deeds are not anti worker they with tsars nicolas II reforms pioneered those few remmenants of their legacy from both sides which is today a common thing
>Inb4 how did he even made it financialy possible
Volkseconomics were based on state issued currency which was work based and printed on limits of population and work done or goods produced WITHOUT interest and banning interest and effortless income
Mkre info you would find in gotfried feders manifesto