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>a couple thousands of these people were deployed, which is no way enough to fight partisans, the shit just doesn't add up
Of course it wasn't enough. Germans were horrified at having to kill plain clothes Partisan murderers in self defense. Many Germans died at their hands.
>I think some particular cleansing actions still took place
You have zero evidence and neither do the originators of the lie. There was no ethnic cleansing of jews. Ever. Not once in history. They love to make themselves out to be martyrs. The vast majority of their claims to history have been lies. The book of Esther. Their chosen status. Their escape from Egypt not archaeologically supported. The jew lies as easily and unthinkingly as the rest of us breathe.

>You guys totally approve killing jews and would love to do it personally right?
So what? That doesn't change reality. Neither do lies.
>So what the point to claim germans would never do that?
Because it never happened. It was black propaganda lies that shifted over time from shrunken heads, soap, skin gloves and jew bones ash trays to gas but getting rid of the evidence in old brick crematory ovens the Third Reich wouldn't have had time to use on so many jews.
>Hitler created a fucking army to kill enemies of the Reich and he labeled jews the greatest enemy.
No, Hitler gathered his army to defend Germany. Germans were being slaughtered by Poles. Russia was amassing at the German border. Unfortunately, he struck Russia first and Stalin's preparing to invade was greatly ignored by (((historians))).
>Enemy using lies as weapon,
Like you're doing now.
>so you can't really take that weapon away and expel them.
They were unfortunately not expelled. Of course you know, as do we all, jews were put in work camps. What you don't realize even now after seeing the truth is that those camps were practically resorts.

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