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>why is NS superior in economy?
Because it demotes economy and money supply to be nothing more than a voucher for goods produced or work done focusing purely on internal well being trough securing employment for your people and most importantly eliminating interests on money supply ie autraky policy
Second factor of nsdaps economical models sucess was that it never occupied an main focus and were secondary as work produces money and not vice versa with balancing measures to prevent inflation like taxes or punishing excessive overspending and speculations which we suffer in housing and land parcel markets etc
>How did he pulled that off (i said)
Simply trough projects on building, reconstructing, restorating constructing public works and other projects that gave people jobs and money to spend which led to others offer their goods and services for which was a demand now

>Marxism fail to address the rights of the workers where it supposed to actually support them?
Because its an idea of hatred and envy while failing in its claims as they DEMAND central bank with monopoly on credit and any form of well being as something of a cardinal sin

Its that simple