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Where everyone with an ounce of jew blood and traitors are public toilets
Logs can be found here: https://endchan.net/logs.js
Insulting National Socialism or Hitler or promoting jews will be banned immediately.

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(662.84 KB 739x507 Top gremlins.png)
World Jewish Congress: Billionaires, Oligarchs, Global Influencers for Israel Anonymous 11/26/2019 (Tue) 18:48:58 Id: b53029 [Preview] No. 77235
'''Billionaires, Russian oligarchs, Ukrainian ambassadors, international financiers, the Rothschilds, and glitterati of all sorts gathered at the 2019 gala for the World Jewish Congress.
The gathering represented unparalleled power & wealth martialled on behalf of Israel.'''
By Alison Weir

The World Jewish Congress (WJC), which calls itself “The Representative Body of over 100 Jewish Communities Worldwide,” held its annual gala at the Pierre hotel in New York City on Nov. 6. It bestowed its annual Theodor Herzl Award (named after Israel’s founding father) on former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley for her work on behalf of Israel. Some previous awardees have been Joe Biden and Henry Kissinger. One of the WJC’s main issues is support for Israel. Among its many activities in this realm, it collaborates with the Israeli government to defend Israel from criticisms of its human rights abuses and discriminatory system. The WJC defines many factual statements about Israel to be “antisemitic,” and labels legitimate opposition to Israeli violence and oppression against Palestinians “antisemitism.” As a result, its top issue, combating “antisemitism,” often consists of efforts to suppress information about Israel’s oppression of Palestinians and to combat efforts on behalf of Palestinian human rights.

At one of its recent international conferences to oppose this newly defined “antisemitism,” US Special Envoy Elan Carr proclaimed that every law enforcement office and every prosecutorial agency throughout the world must “force everybody who has even a hint of antisemitism to undergo a tolerance program.”

A Glittering Guest List
The Jewish Voice described the recent World Jewish Congress gala in New York: “It’s 6 PM on Wednesday November 6th in New York City and dozens of Secret Service are gathered at the Pierre to protect billionaires, politicians and global influencers at one of the premier evenings of the year.” JV reports that “the illustrious guest list was unparalleled,” and provides a lineup that represents extraordinary wealth and power (and, in a number of cases, diverse types of malfeasance). JV provided the names of some of the guests, to which are appended their net worths when available (these fluctuate over time) and additional information:
Henry Kissinger (net worth $180 million, former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under two presidents)
The Rothschilds (estimates of net worth range from $400 billion up to $700 trillion, from the famous Rothschild banking family)
Robert Kraft ($7 billion net worth, NFL Patriots owner, received Israel’s Genesis Prize at a lavish ceremony in Israel, where he pledged $20 million to combating anti-Semitism and the Palestinian-led boycott movement against Israel, charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution in Florida -Boston’s WBUR radio reports: “The diamond-studded legal guns representing the 78-year-old New England Patriots owner (one of them a former Epstein lawyer) may save him.” meanwhile, the women are facing up to 15 years in prison)
Thomas J. Tisch (net worth $121 million, former chancellor of Brown University, son of billionaire Laurence Tisch, former CEO of CBS)
Leonard Lauder ($21 billion net worth, elder son of Estee Lauder)
Judy Glickman Lauder (wife of Leonard Lauder, widow of Louis J. Glickman)
The Safras (of the ‘sometimes clandestine’ banking dynasty that started over a century ago, Chella Safra is WJC Treasurer)
Ira Rennert (net worth $3 billion, previously, $6 billion, investor, known as a “junk bond billionaire,” found guilty of corruption in 2015, placed a mill in Baltimore’s outer harbor into bankruptcy, causing more than 2,000 workers to lose their jobs, owes Baltimore $8 million in unpaid city water bills, allegedly used money he looted from his business to build a 29-room mansion & compound – a garage holds 100 cars) [continued]

Anonymous 11/26/2019 (Tue) 19:00:06 Id: b53029 [Preview] No.77236 del

Dick Parsons (former Time Warner CEO, CBS chair, & Citibank chair; in 2012 shareholders filed a lawsuit against Parsons and some other executives for “stuffing their pockets while running the bank into the ground“)
Ben Ashkenazy (net worth $4 billion, Israeli American real estate tycoon, a benefactor of the 2015 AIPAC Real Estate Luncheon at New York’s Grand Hyatt Hotel)
Jack Chehebar (real estate mogul, sued for alleged breach of contract, accused of beating his son)
Ray Kelly (longest serving commissioner in the history of the New York City Police Department, for a period was an Interpol vice president, charged by Muslim groups of discrimination: “The commissioner oversaw a spying program that targeted Muslims based solely on their religion, showed poor judgment by participating in a virulently anti-Islamic film, and approved a report on terrorism that equated innocuous behavior such as quitting smoking with signs of radicalization”)

Oligarchs from Russia, Ukraine
Also among “the super power players who descended on the foyer of the Pierre,” JV reports, “were numerous oligarchs from Russia, Ambassadors from the Ukraine, and dozens of inner circle investors who rarely venture out to weekday galas.” Among the oligarchs at the event was Kazakh Israeli billionaire Alexander Mashkevitch, net worth $3.6 billion. Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper calls him “one of the biggest oligarchs to have emerged from the former Soviet Union.” Mashkevitch is alleged to have ties to organized crime in the U.S. and has been accused of a $55 million money-laundering scheme in Belgium. He has also been investigated for organizing a sex party on a luxury yacht in Turkey. (His daughter was also recently charged with fraud.)

Working to counter support for Palestinian human rights
Mashkevitch is president of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (a Regional Affiliate of the WJC) and said to be its “most generous philanthropist.”

The Times of Israel reports that the EAJC regularly collaborates with Israel’s Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Strategic Affairs and works “to counteract the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement” (BDS is founded on the principle that “Palestinians are entitled to the same rights as the rest of humanity).

According to the TOI, the EAJC works “to influence global public opinion in Israel’s favor.” TOI states: “EAJC’s public diplomacy program cultivates relationships with thought leaders in its 25 constituent countries. These thought leaders include businesspeople, academics, journalists, politicians, cultural leaders, and bloggers. EAJC encourages these individuals to visit Israel and likewise sponsors prominent Israelis to speak to such groups abroad, with EAJC acting as an intermediary between the Israelis and their foreign counterparts.”

It is unlikely that the thought leaders brought by EAJC learn about Israel’s systemic discrimination against its non-Jewish inhabitants, including Christians, and Israel’s ongoing violence against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Also present at the WJC Gala was the EAJC’s First Vice President Emmanuil Grinshpun, a leader of the Jewish community in Moldova, a member of the European Jewish Parliament, honorary consul of Kazakhstan in the United States and board member of the Chabad Russian Center in South Florida (info on Chabad is here). Grinshpun has been involved with Veaceslav Platon, reportedly “considered by Moldovan­ law enforcement to be a mastermind of financial crime.”

Anonymous 11/26/2019 (Tue) 19:08:01 Id: b53029 [Preview] No.77237 del
(489.49 KB 996x543 ICA HQ.png)
JV does not name the other oligarchs who attended the gala, but a few of the Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs connected to the WJC are:
Boris Lozhkin – a WJC vice president (net worth appears to be about $450-500 million, President of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, on the board of the EAJC, Lozhkin has been accused of corruption in Ukraine, fired as chief economic advisor to the president of Ukraine last year after allegations of fraudulent financial transactions involving millions of dollars came to light)
Andrey Adamovsky – WJC vice president (Ukrainian businessman, vice-president of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, in 2015 was found guilty of defrauding his former business partners of $34.7 million, and in 2016 he was again found guilty of fraud)
Michael Mirilashvili – on the WJC Steering Committee (Mirilashvili, net worth $3 billion, has been embroiled in various charges of corruption)
Moshe Kantor (aka Viatcheslav Kantor) – member of WJC Executive Committee (net worth $4 billion; JTA reports that in 2006 he was detained in Israel on suspicion of money laundering, in Russia he had reportedly been fired for being involved in a business scandal, holds triple citizenship: Russia, UK, Israel)
God Semenovich Nisanov – WJC vice-president (net worth $3.5 billion, reportedly a “king” of Moscow real estate, part of what Russian media call “one of the most corrupt facilities of the last 5 years,” alleged gun running; diverse other accusations)

The Powerful, Politicians & a Princess
Jewish Insider lists some of the additional attendees:
Rep. Peter King (Republican Congressman from New York, member of the Homeland Security Committee and Financial Services Committee, Ranking Member of the Sub-Committee on Emergency Preparedness, served as Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee in 2005-2006 and again in 2011-2012, notorious for anti-Muslim extremism, over $100,000 in pro-Israel contributions were given to King between 1998 and 2010)
Jason Greenblatt (known as the designer of the Trump peace plan on Israel-Palestine)
Joel Grey (net worth $10 million, actor, presented with the WJC’s Teddy Kollek Award, named after the former Israeli mayor of Jerusalem, interview here, Deputy Israeli Consul General in NY)
Israel Nitzan (Deputy Consul General of the Israeli Consulate in New York, largest Israeli mission in the world, coordinates interfaith dialogue and outreach nationally)
Princess Firyal (married into Jordanian royal family, after divorce was longtime companion of New York venture megafund capitalist Lionel Pincus, partner of Eric Warburg of the banking family that began a few centuries ago)
Stanley Chera (real estate developer, close friend of Donald Trump, raised tens of millions of dollars for his presidential campaign, involved in questionable real estate deal)
Izzy Tapoohi (president and CEO of Birthright Israel Foundation)
Linda Mirels (daughter of South African businessman Nathan Kirsh, who is a major shareholder of an Israeli company that provided technology for Israel’s apartheid wall)
Malcolm Hoenlein (executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, which advocates for Israel)
Ze’ev Rubenstein (Israel Bonds vice president, accused of being implicated in Netanyahu corruption case, some analysts have called Israel Bonds “junk bonds” and compared theme to a Ponzi scheme)
Dore Gold (a top Israeli official under Netanyahu & Sharon, born in Connecticut, funded by Sheldon Adelson)
Rabbi Benjamin Goldschmidt (son of the Chief Rabbi of Moscow and the President of the Conference of European Rabbis)
Dr. Ruth Westheimer (sex therapist)
George Klein (a founder of the Congressional Republican Jewish Committee)
Brooke Goldstein (founder of the Lawfare Project, says “there’s no such thing as a Palestinian person”)
Siggy Flicker (TV­ personality, Israeli)

Anonymous 11/26/2019 (Tue) 19:15:23 Id: b53029 [Preview] No.77238 del
(297.04 KB 713x507 4365436435.png)
Danny Danon (Israeli Ambassador to the U.N.)
Ezra Friedlander (founder of U.S.-Israel Security Alliance, which takes delegations to Israel, CEO of the Friedlander Group, political connector e.g. “NYC’s Top Elected Officials Grace Sukkoth Celebration”)
Mark Botnick (assistant to Ron Lauder, former press secretary for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg)
Michal Grayevsky (senior advisor to Ron Lauder, president of JCS International (JCSI), Lauder’s global media company, headquartered in New York)
Justin Hayet (Senior Project Manager, Israel Diaspora Initiatives at the Genesis Philanthropy Group)
Betty Grinstein (wife of founder of Israel’s Reut Institute)
Eve Stieglitz (WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps)
Peter Thoren (works for Leonard Blavatnik – the richest man in the UK in 2015; Blavatnik has numerous connections in Hollywood, is friends with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has been donating to both Republican and Democratic U.S. politicians, including Trump, in June Blavatnik and his wife gave as much money as any other individual donation the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has ever received in its entire history; in 2009 he hosted an event for The Atlantic, organized by Editor Jeffrey Goldberg)

Lauder, Haley, Kissinger
The longtime president of the WJC is multi-billionaire Ronald Lauder, an heir of the Estée Lauder cosmetics company. At the age of 37 Lauder, a Republican fundraiser, sought and succeeded in obtaining a position in the Defense Department (Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and NATO affairs), and then an ambassadorship. Lauder kicked off the gala’s speeches by decrying “the rise in anti-semitism,” giving as an example Bernie Sanders’ recent statements calling the situation in Gaza “inhumane” and declaring that some of the $3.8 billion annual U.S. aid to Israel should go to Gaza instead.

Sanders’ speech was a reference to the fact that Israel has made Gaza into “the world’s largest open air prison.” A Norwegian NGO reports: “More than 50 years of occupation and 10 years of blockade have made the lives of 1.9 million Palestinians living inside the Gaza Strip unbearable. That is why they now are protesting and risking their lives.” (Despite these and previous strong criticisms of Israeli actions, Sanders continues to say he is a supporter of Israel.) In contrast to Lauder’s condemnation of Sanders, he lavished praise on this year’s WJC Herzl awardee, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley. Lauder called Haley “one of the greatest women in the world” and said he hoped she would seek higher office. (Before being named ambassador, Haley had been governor of South Carolina. She had no previous international expertise; her college degree was in accounting.)

Lauder told the audience: “In my years of service in the diplomatic world and as president of the World Jewish Congress, I have met many heads of state, dignitaries, and ambassadors who have worked diligently in support of Israel and defended it across the international stage. Throughout her tenure, US Ambassador to the UN, H.E. Nikki Haley, proved to be a giant in this realm.” Henry Kissinger, who served as Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under Presidents Nixon and Ford, introduced Haley. Kissinger is famous for his shuttle diplomacy and assistance to Israel (some of his actions in that regard led to the disastrous oil boycott against the U.S.). JV reports that Kissinger praised Haley “as an all-star politician adept at the machinations of Washington and the UN.” Kissinger said that Haley “did a fantastic job by leaving no attack against the US unanswered and helping Trump move the US embassy to Jerusalem.” JV called Haley’s speech “very campaignlike” and reported that she received a lengthy standing ovation for­ her remarks.

Anonymous 11/26/2019 (Tue) 19:26:28 Id: b53029 [Preview] No.77239 del
‘Antisemitism’ – Criticisms of Israel
The WJC is playing a significant role in the international project to change the traditional definition of antisemitism to a new, expanded version that includes criticisms of Israel. The new formulation for the definition of antisemitism was originated by an Israeli minister in 2004, and Israel partisans have steadily inserted it into a variety of national and international entities. For example, U.S. Antisemitism Envoy Hannah Rosenthal adopted it for the U.S. State Department in 2010. In June and October of this year, the WJC hosted officials from around the world for the “World Jewish Congress International Meeting of Special Envoys and Coordinators for Combating Antisemitism (SECCA).” Attendees discussed the alleged “need” to “obligate EU member states” to adopt the new definition. At the October conference in Germany, US Special Envoy Elan Carr said: “Every law enforcement office and every prosecutorial agency must incorporate [tolerance programs] as part of their standard operating procedures. They have to force everybody who has even a hint of antisemitism to undergo a tolerance program.”

Enabling Israel’s Violence against Palestinians
The WJC’s vast wealth and power support Israel, which was established in 1948 through a war of ethnic cleansing and is maintained through apartheid-like policies and continual confiscation of Palestinian land. U.S. taxpayers give Israel over $10.5 million per day, thanks to efforts by the WJC and the numerous other members of the pro-Israel lobby in the U.S. Recently, Israeli forces assassinated a Palestinian resistance leader, then used the response by some Palestinian factions to commit a three-day bombardment of Gaza that has so far killed 34 people, injured 111, and damaged homes and schools. A third of those killed have been women and children. No Israelis have been killed.

Over the years, Israeli policies have caused Gazans to be among the most poverty-stricken populations on earth. Since March 2017, thousands of Gazans have been participating in weekly unarmed demonstrations against their oppression by Israel and the theft of their ancestral homes and land (70 percent of Gazans are refugee families forced out by Israel in 1948). Every week Israeli forces have shot some of the participants. Among those killed and maimed have been women, children, medics, and journalists. In addition to this, every week Israel commits a wide variety of human rights violations against Palestinians in both the West Bank and Gaza. (A detailed record of that week is here.) [Uploaded]

This is what the World Jewish Congress, with its billionaires and oligarchs, its glittering galas and international projects, is­ enabling.

Anonymous 12/10/2019 (Tue) 00:17:54 [Preview] No.77655 del
Palestine is only a reminder of what Jews will do with the rest of Whites at the first opportunity.
But other than that, it may be sad, but as Whites we should care about Whites, not the shitty lives of sandniggers.

Anonymous 12/10/2019 (Tue) 02:42:21 Id: b53029 [Preview] No.77656 del
Most indigenous Europeans give a shit when some sick fuck is murdering children and unarmed women. You can be as Hollywood "white supremacist" cliche as you want. National Socialists are not. Obligatory: Atomwaffen fuckheads are not NS, neither are Strasserists, neither were the jewish actors at Charlottesville. Once again, there was no such thing as "The Master Race" based on Germans of National Socialist Germany. That was Hitler talking about what the jew desires it's race to be.

Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 13:31:55 Id: dcbbe6 [Preview] No.77690 del
(143.64 KB 1024x677 peakpeak.jpg)

Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 02:48:31 Id: dd5200 [Preview] No.77695 del
Maybe crime is at an all time high because everything is illegal.

Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 03:18:53 Id: b53029 [Preview] No.77696 del
The AI on this bot must be programmed to be retarded.

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 05:33:47 Id: 896d74 [Preview] No.77703 del
>Maybe crime is at an all time high

Crime is the lowest it has been in decades.

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 08:14:14 Id: e00617 [Preview] No.77706 del
The same moral police officer who earns $24,000 per year and says that he loves the Bill of Rights might be happy to torture if he was paid $100,000 a year.

Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 16:21:28 Id: dcbbe6 [Preview] No.77711 del
(158.25 KB 509x809 threatpromise.png)

Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 16:19:46 Id: 2170ad [Preview] No.78425 del
Americans say tyranny is wonderful because the US has always been a police state, but what if the USA used to have freedom and lost it?

Even if the US never had freedom, does that mean liberty is bad?
Did the USA have curfews, NSA wiretapping, checkpoints, forfeiture, the end to the right to silence, free speech bans, torture, kill lists, no fly lists, searches without warrants, private prisons, mandatory minimums, 3 strikes laws, DNA databases, CISPA, SOPA, NDAA, IMBRA, FBAR, FATCA, TSA groping, secret FISA courts, redlight cameras, license plate readers, and Jade Helm in 1980?

Did Americans have gun bans, business licenses, Social Security numbers, sales, income, or property taxes in 1890?

Were drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling, and prostitution illegal in 1880?

Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 17:49:08 Id: b53029 [Preview] No.78426 del
(1.79 MB 1056x2880 1510724279786.png)
(45.30 KB 279x516 China is Communist.jpg)
(95.73 KB 1024x640 00081490119378267.jpg)
I have some questions too. How much does the Communist Party of China pay you to repeat these fucking messages? Do they believe if you keep shilling these same exact statements over and over again from your copied and pasted list of anti-American Chinese propaganda that they're going to turn Americans against America? Mother fucker, I'm already against the United States of "give us your huddled masses to breed out the white man" Zionist cucks. What exactly do you Chinese cucks want from us?

Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 18:13:37 Id: 512f85 [Preview] No.78427 del
Americans hate freedom with a passion and beg for their chains.
If our overlords decreed that everyone must buy a new snowblower this year, Americans would agree that the law makes sense and must be obeyed.

When guns are banned, Americans will scream with delight.

If Americans are forced to get microchip implants, Americans would fight to be first in line.

When Americans get sent to the concentration camps, they will insist that they live in a free country as they get pushed into the ovens.
There were no living people pushed into ovens at the WORK CAMPS, you absolute faggot

Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 18:19:34 Id: b53029 [Preview] No.78428 del
(9.24 KB 284x177 glory.jpg)
Do you really think I'm going to leave your Communist propaganda alone on a National Socialist board? Retard. https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/ The jewish holocaust is a lie. You need to fuck off.

Anonymous 01/25/2020 (Sat) 12:35:59 Id: 79768b [Preview] No.78439 del
(924.73 KB 768x802 kekustoadus.png)
"The world is divided into three kinds of people: A very small group that makes things happen; a somewhat larger group that watches things happen; and a great multitude that never knows what has happened."

- Nicholas Murray Butler

Anonymous 01/25/2020 (Sat) 13:43:27 Id: ca2bff [Preview] No.78440 del
>When Americans get sent to the concentration camps, they will insist that they live in a free country as they get pushed into the ovens.

Friendly reminder that Jews don't push gulag prisoners into the ovens. Instead, they shoot their prisoners in the back of the head and dump the bodies in a pit.

Anonymous 01/25/2020 (Sat) 17:45:52 Id: b53029 [Preview] No.78442 del
And often times they didn't even bother digging a pit. When you win a war, you're able to cover up the shame of your atrocities and even pin them on the losing nation.

Anonymous 01/27/2020 (Mon) 05:15:30 Id: af6541 [Preview] No.78478 del
Is he really chinese? What on earth is he doing trolling this board? lol How many trolls and shills are we going to keep getting here? I already lost count of how many we've had.

If he really is though, I saw in a greentext screenshot that there's some words that make him disconnect from the internet because their connection is heavily censored there.

I forgot what they were. It was a long list, with Anti-rightist movement being one phrase. And Winnie the pooh too for some reason. Sorry I don't have it with me

Anonymous 01/27/2020 (Mon) 05:44:06 Id: b53029 [Preview] No.78479 del
>Is he really chinese?
I thought it was a Tel Aviv bot until in a couple of his repeated message "Americans are this" posts he shilled links for the Hmong. Those are Miaos in Southern China, Vietnam or Laos. That is, according to search results.
>What on earth is he doing trolling this board? lol
He most likely scripted a bot to spam propaganda for the Communist Party of China. I'm just guessing though.
>How many trolls and shills are we going to keep getting here?
Man, it never ends.

sage sage 07/24/2020 (Fri) 03:59:49 Id: 90bb1c [Preview] No.81435 del
This thread was slid back to the front page by the "Americans are this" spammer since the last post was January. Clearly, there's some faggot guiding the bot himself.

Anonymous 04/30/2021 (Fri) 03:53:57 Id: ebeb1c [Preview] No.84556 del
There's no vaccine for AIDS, but there's a vaccine developed for the Wuhan flu after 1 year?

AIDSkike still crying about not having a vaccine for AIDS.

sage sage 04/30/2021 (Fri) 05:35:31 Id: d684c3 [Preview] No.84558 del
And he did the same thing again here


aidskike really can't come up with any new tricks

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