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Operation Jew the Jew Anonymous 03/15/2022 (Tue) 16:17:14 [Preview] No. 86772
We would like to invite you to our group. We are as nameless as the tides. Our one goal is the destruction of International Jewry. There is no risk of stumbling

on an ambush because you will not meet us. We do not hold meetings. The way you join is by mimicking our enemy. Sharing information about Jews only

goes so far and publicly killing low level Jews only accomplishes giving them more power. Our goal is not to slaughter a Synagogue or shoot up a mall. We do

not desire to throw our lives away. Public shooters who are not Jewish think the only way to solve our problem is uncalculated violence. This does not destroy

the Jew. The Jew is succeeding in destroying us. Our races, our cultures, our ancestries and our home lands. So we turn it back around on them. Join us in

Operation Jew the Jew. You are not a Jew but you must become like one. You must lie and trick and infiltrate Jews. You must introduce Liberal SJW talking

points into the most conservative Jew groups. You must make them believe you are a Jew too as you turn Cultural Marxism around on their communities.

An introduction is in order. We have been watching your /pol/ and like what we see. There is truth here where so often we've seen lies. We have noticed

your plans. Your desires to start another Reich won't happen purely because the Jew holds too much power. They are destroying us from within. We live in

New York among the highest community of Jews and they think we're among them. We do not say otherwise. Where often men have a based instinct to fight,

combat and dominate, we are women who prefer the more subtle art of covertly observing the enemy as we wait for the right moment. We're sick of men not

being allowed to be manly, not being able to find a man who has respectful family traditions. We're sick of society having been turned around on us as

responsibility is heaped on our heads. Feminism is giving us too much stress. 9 to 5 jobs preventing us from being able to raise our children and tend to our

husbands and households as we work ourselves to the bone. You might think we are so enraged we should kill them but no. Low level Jews are only our

targets for propaganda and not violence. Oh how they laugh at our kind without knowing we are not them. What we do as pretend Jews is simple. We break

down their minds just as they've done to our people. We point out their racism. We confuse them, promote homosexuality and interracial sex with Africans

among the Jewish. We seek to destroy the male Jews authority with their own Feminism. We promote immigration for Israel, hard drugs among Jewish

communities, Atheist talking points against their Orthodox Judaism to break their faith. We speak against Jews breeding with any other race than the Negros,

propping up the myth of fine and upstanding blacks. But wait, what does this accomplish if Jews are still holding all the top positions of your countries and

controlling what people think? Of course we have thought of this. The goal is small now, to infiltrate and subvert Jewry just as they've done to us. In the

future we hope to get far enough inside that a few of us meet and seduce a high echelon Jew or any Mossad. We will seduce them, get close to them and be

full on Black Widows. No one must know you were with them on the night of their demise. Forge for yourself an ironclad alibi for the night the deed is done.

In time we will tear them down from within and remove Jewish supremacy covertly. You and us both have the same goal. It's time to start accomplishing the

end of their worldwide control. Join us, whether man or woman. Infiltrate Jews. Tear them down. Do not worry if Jews discover our plans. Our goals will be

further accomplished. The paranoia in their communities will spread like a virus. Infighting will ruin more of them. Spread this message everywhere you can.

Anonymous 03/16/2022 (Wed) 04:40:54 Id: 26e44d [Preview] No.86776 del
>Operation Jew the Jew. You are not a Jew but you must become like one. You must lie and trick and infiltrate Jews. You must introduce Liberal SJW talking

Won't work OP. It's been proposed we do this and it's just not a good idea.

Anonymous 03/16/2022 (Wed) 16:12:59 [Preview] No.86782 del

It does work friend. If Jews doing this to us is not proof enough, I understand how you might be skeptical. Anybody who is not committed to this could go the

wrong way and easily become a shabbos goy. You have to be as determined to undermine Jews as they are to undermine us. I am a female Italian American with

brown hair so dark it's almost black and Roman nose. So they do not know I am not a Shebrew but a Shiksa and so they tell me things believing I'm one of them.

Things you already know such as AIPAC bribing politicians with cash cards in envelopes under the table to bypass campaign contribution laws. I have successfully

persuaded a male Jew to couple with a Negro and a female Jew against her own religion. I have lived in New York so long I know how to mimick Jews. I cannot

be persuaded to sympathise with these Jews as I manipulate them because my father is dead. He died of organ failure after getting the vaccine. There will be no

end in sight to how long I will hate the Jews for his death! You may be right this won't work if someone is not as committed as I am. I have only had success in

recruiting through forum posts of other women. Not anonymous as this is but the forums with usernames. Men turn out to have regressed years later. Such as a

black who was full on aware the Jewish holocaust is a lie and Jews dominate the world in 2017, but now he has a fart, poop and furries fetish with mostly talking

against white people. He thinks white privilege is real and funnily enough believes me to be lost! All while hating spics but having regular buttsex with a male

boyfriend of his. Imagine my shock to find the most degenerate fetishes imaginable in someone I was trying to get through to! The other men who on these

forums looked like their minds where right ended up having yellow fever. The DEAD END of their race! But it makes sense doesn't it? Asian women are more

traditional as western media is always promoting sluts and porn and against the nuclear family. Interracial breeding is disgusting but it can be used as a

weapon against Jews just as it's done to us. My success in talking to other women has been great. At least women can be on the same page, against feminism,

shocked and furious at learning what Jews have forced on us. I recognize you so you could say "what is white? only westerners say this". I am American. I want

so much more than the destruction of international Jewry, but I am not strong. The Hollywood movies wish you to believe women can do anything. Like we're

Captain Marvel and can lift 1,000lbs with zero training or Rey and can multi-task everything all at once. I'm weak not some Mary Sue. I am not a great public

speaker. I can't rally people to a cause of some Fourth Reich and I'm sure none of you can or you would already. Why is that? Because you have much trouble

with people around you being way too brainwashed. Most of the world are NPCs! They're not aware Jews have infiltrated and are destroying us. Take the

Jews precious traditions away from them the way they took our from us! Make them hate their own race. Hate their gender. Hate all Jewish males. Hate their

religion. This is how our people feel when they are brainwashed SIMPS for the Jew! We must turn their weapons against them and then FREE THE CUCKS!

Anonymous 03/16/2022 (Wed) 16:24:23 [Preview] No.86783 del
I might not have been clear with my last sentence. It is not that brainwashed SIMPS for the Jew hate Jewish males, Jewish religion, Jew genders. All of that

would make things very easy for us. It is that the CUCKS hate THEIR religion, THEIR race, THEIR males. These cucks are not just white men. They are also white

women. There is more trouble than just the Jew. As the Jew is the source of it all, the servile pathetic SIMPS for Jews enable them. They grant them their power.

There is little chance of turning these sad losers around to realizing the truth. So first we undermine the Jews and next we free our people from their torment.

Anonymous 03/17/2022 (Thu) 00:23:51 Id: 543fce [Preview] No.86788 del
After yet another Rule 3 violation, ban and deletion preceded by 'denazification' propaganda some fool thought they might try to slip by because it was in French, I can't say I disagree with OP much. One fact I'm aware of to counter this is a major hindrance. OP, you appear to have grown up among jews at least outside your doorstep. Your life seems like you've encountered kikes much more often than the rest of us. What chance would we have of acting like jews? As I've said to this sort of plan before, we Aryans have had honor through centuries of our ancestry. Dishonorable actions always mean shame. Debasing yourself enough to infiltrate kikes will cause you to feel disgust in the long-run. You might even start feeling sympathy for the parasites despite the deathvax killing your father. This isn't a compromise I would be willing to risk, but then again I can't condemn you for wanting to bring ZOG down as long as it doesn't become more empowered. Regarding your last post, I believe that behavior is a sort of Stockholm syndrome seeing as our nations are hostages of kikes.

Edited last time by AdolfHitler on 03/17/2022 (Thu) 00:27:22.

Anonymous 11/06/2022 (Sun) 23:03 Id: eb3465 [Preview] No.89215 del

Anonymous 11/06/2022 (Sun) 23:25 Id: f8b644 [Preview] No.89216 del
You do realize you all live in imaginary worlds filled with imaginary enemies?

Anonymous 11/07/2022 (Mon) 09:59 Id: 543fce [Preview] No.89222 del
Jews are imaginary now? Since when, you idiot? Come on. Stop beating around the bush with your complaints >>89217 and get out with it. Say specifically why you're bitching across multiple threads.

Anonymous 02/02/2023 (Thu) 12:10 Id: bd5dc2 [Preview] No.89723 del
You know that the US is bad now when you think about freedom and start crying.
Crybaby AIDkike is a good name for you.

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