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(29.50 KB 375x550 zeichnen.jpg)
When You See This Symbol, Remember What the jew Has Done to Our People Anonymous 05/22/2022 (Sun) 21:25:18 Id: c81f11 [Preview] No. 87534
Background: On 1 September 1941 all jews remaining in Germany were rightfully forced to wear the Yellow Star when in public. In late September 1941, the National Socialists released an important mass pamphlet based on a book published in the United States titled Germany Must Perish! The book proposed the partitioning of Germany and the sterilization of its population. The author, Theodore N. Kaufman, was an “American” jew of great new found influence. The pamphlet, titled The War Aim of World Plutocracy, included excerpts from Kaufman’s book. In early November 1941, this four-page flyer was released. It rightfully justified the Yellow Star by reminding Germans of Kaufman’s genocidal book, which was the common goal of “World Jewry.” Apparently every German got copies of the pamphlet along with the monthly ration card.

Cover: “When you see this symbol…”
Page 2: “Remember what the jew has done to our people.
• He is guilty of being the cause and leader of the 1918 revolt that led to the collapse of the German people.
• Once he controlled the leading positions, he used inflation to steal the wealth of the German people.
• He used his control of the German economy to brutally and ruthlessly make seven million Germans unemployed.
• He had almost the entire German press in his hands.
• He controlled theatre, film, and almost all of German culture, using them to poison the German people spiritually and destroy it morally.
Many people’s comrades have supressed this period of great poverty and humiliation like a bad dream. However, all that we experienced under jewish rule, and all that we have previously heard or experienced about the plans of World Jewry, is nothing compared to the terrible future that judah is actually preparing for the German people. Now for the first time, World Jewry openly says what it wants: “Germany must perish!” 80 million culturally advanced, hard-working, and decent German women, men, and children are to be exterminated. That is what the jew Theodore Nathan Kaufman, President of the American Peace Union, says openly in his book Germany Must Perish. He is the spokesman for World Jewry.
Page 3: “Germany must perish forever from this earth! And, fortunately, as we shall now come to see, that is no longer impossible of accomplishment.”
That is what the jew Kaufman wrote. You can read about his solution in the pamphlet:

The War Goal of World Plutocracy
If you read this pamphlet, you will know, German man and German woman, that judah has decided to kill your children, you will know the goal of the jews in London, New York, and Moscow. And you will know why the National Socialist government has instituted laws to exclude the jews from political, economic, and social life, and why each jew must be marked publicly as a jew. You will know that each jew is a member of a people that has sworn to kill us, and that each jew is your enemy. And you will also know that each German who through false sentimentality supports the jew in any way, even through friendly relations, commits treason against the German people. Our people is waging the greatest war of its history. Our soldiers risk their life every day in this battle. The German army is ensuring that the World Jewry’s terrible plan, proclaimed to the world by the jew Kaufman, will never become reality.

Page 4: You must ensure through your behavior that jewry never again has even the slightest influence on our people.
Know the real enemy!

Let Them Eat Bugs. How Out of Touch [Kikes] Reveal Their Contempt and What Comes Next Anonymous 05/23/2022 (Mon) 14:32:04 Id: c81f11 [Preview] No.87547 del
(214.16 KB 600x455 1-2-600x455.png)
(36.28 KB 562x219 3-1.png)
(385.76 KB 600x432 4-1-600x432.png)
(15.27 KB 600x134 5-1-600x134.png)
[Additional commentary and edits by OP are in brackets]
Upon being told that the people had no bread, Marie Antoinette reportedly responded, “let them eat cake.” [“Qu'ils mangent de la brioche” in reality, which is a sort of rich pastry bread, and feminist cunts want to remove this moment of history as "sexist"] These infamous words were a stark illustration of the French elite’s careless indifference to the plight of ordinary people. Moreover, they likely fueled the anger that sparked a revolution that overturned the French ruling system. Had Marie Antoinette not been so out of touch, she might have had a better choice of words. I am bringing this up because recently, modern political, financial, and media [kikes] have made numerous “let them eat cake” remarks. They similarly reveal how oblivious they are to the average person’s problems as inflation spirals out of control, shortages spread, the stock market crashes, and economic prospects look dimmer by the day. Let’s look at them and examine what they could mean for the social and political environment in the future… and what you can do about it.
Example #1: Inflation Is Good
First central bankers, the mainstream media, and academia tell you there is no inflation. Then, when inflation becomes undeniable, they tell you not to worry because inflation is only “transitory.” Then, when it becomes apparent that it’s not merely transitory, they tell you not to worry because inflation is actually a good thing. It’s not uncommon to see ridiculous headlines like this: [1-2-600x455.png]
Example #2: No More Turkey at Thanksgiving
After inflation broke through multi-decade highs, it’s no longer possible to maintain the farce that “inflation is good.” So the [kikes'] messaging has pivoted to ways the plebs can cope with ever-decreasing living standards. Last Thanksgiving, it was impossible for the Federal Reserve to ignore the soaring costs of turkey. So, instead, the St. Louis branch had a helpful suggestion for those struggling—substitute delicious turkey for cheaper heavily-processed industrial sludge. [3-1.png]
Example #3: Let Your Pets Die
Recently, (((Bloomberg)) published an article titled “Inflation Stings Most If You Earn Less Than $300K. Here’s How to Deal.” It recommended rethinking providing medical treatment to your pets: “If you’re one of the many Americans who became a new pet owner during the pandemic, you might want to rethink those costly pet medical needs.”
Example #4: Gas Is Too Expensive? Buy a Tesla
As gas prices skyrocket, transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg suggests buying an electric vehicle. That way, the plebs can stop complaining and will “never have to worry about gas prices again.” The thought of whether people could afford an expensive electric vehicle in the first place didn’t seem to cross his mind.
Example #5: Housing Is Too Expensive? Live in a Pod or Move Back In With Your Parents
With soaring prices making housing unaffordable in many big cities, living in pods is promoted. For example, in California, a three-bedroom home that used to house a single family has been converted into a unit that includes pods for 13 people. [4-1-600x432.png] Similar stories are sprouting up across other cities. The media is celebrating this not as a significant downgrade but rather as an eco-friendly solution to rising housing costs. They also recommend moving back in with your parents. [5-1-600x134.png]
Example #6: Meat Is Too Expensive? Eat Bugs and Industrial Sludge
With inflation making meat unaffordable for many, the [kikes] are looking to keep the plebs happy by guilting them into thinking that meat is bad for the environment. That’s a big reason why there’s been a flurry of articles in the mainstream media condemning meat consumption and promoting cheap alternatives. Their solution is to give the plebs fake meat made of heavily-processed industrial sludge and feed them bugs. [Continued]

Anonymous 05/23/2022 (Mon) 14:37:35 Id: c81f11 [Preview] No.87548 del
(578.47 KB 583x553 6-1.png)
(274.35 KB 591x559 7-1.png)
Bill Gates recently said: “I think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef.” “You can’t have cows anymore,” and governments can “use regulation to totally shift the demand.” An article in The Economist notes: “We’re not going to convince Europeans and Americans to go out in big numbers and start eating insects… The trick might be to slip them into the food chain on the quiet.” [6-1.png] The Guardian tells us eating bugs can assuage your climate sins and that “if we want to save the planet, the future of food is insects.” Here’s (((Bloomberg))): [7-1.png] These are a couple of examples of a much broader push against meat. Here’s the bottom line. The [kikes] have been informed that meat is becoming too expensive for the average person. Their answer: “Let them eat bugs.”
This overview is by no means a complete collection of recent “let them eat cake” statements. However, it is enough to understand what the [kikes] think and their contempt for the average person. These are the same people who engaged in—or closely benefited from—the rampant money printing and other policies responsible for the rising prices ravaging regular people in the first place. And when the pain of inflation became apparent, their response has been… inflation is good… no more turkey at Thanksgiving… let your pets die… buy an expensive electric vehicle… live in a pod or move back in with your parents… and eat bugs. Instead of looking at these examples separately, take a step back and reflect on the Big Picture they paint. That will help us better understand the social and political situation, where things might be headed, and what we should do. With that in mind, two things seem clear.
1) The current crop of political, financial, and media [kikes] are ensconced in a bubble, carelessly indifferent to the problems of ordinary people—much like Marie Antoinette was.
2) Anger is building up as people feel increased economic pain.
Nobody knows how the situation will resolve itself, but I think it would be foolish not to prepare yourself for turbulence in the months ahead.


Anonymous 05/26/2022 (Thu) 06:19:04 Id: ebc7d2 [Preview] No.87567 del
That pamphlet would be a great addition to "the collection of things jews claim they didn't do"

Anonymous 05/26/2022 (Thu) 06:25:40 Id: 62983a [Preview] No.87569 del
(41.22 KB 255x187 733868749.jpg)
Here's the collection of things jews claim they didn't do.

Anonymous 05/26/2022 (Thu) 06:53:17 Id: ebc7d2 [Preview] No.87573 del
That pic did got a laugh from me. I would still like a Pic of the pamphlet, if it exist then it will have a copy, but be caferull when copying it, we don't wan't you going to jail just for posting a file on the internet. BE EXTREMLY CAREFUL SPECIALY IF YOU LIVE IN A HOLOHOAX DENYING NATION.

Anonymous 05/26/2022 (Thu) 07:07:17 Id: 62983a [Preview] No.87576 del
(712.71 KB 1600x1200 _1.jpg)
(488.64 KB 1200x1600 _2.jpg)
I do not, yet. The pamphlet is extremely rare now. Finding an intact copy would be difficult.

Anonymous 05/26/2022 (Thu) 07:14:02 Id: ebc7d2 [Preview] No.87579 del
Well first pic looks fake as fuck. And second pic looks fake too, I mean both pics look fabricated, never believe fabricated pictures, I know jews are the enemy, but if you believe anything against them, even fabricated thing is a weapon againt them, then you are no different from them, only the truth will set us free, and I'm pretty sure the truth points to jews doing all the nasty things.

Anonymous 05/26/2022 (Thu) 07:22:41 Id: 62983a [Preview] No.87581 del
I have no idea. It was sold by a website that collects this type of memorabilia. The watermark is there.

Anonymous 05/26/2022 (Thu) 07:28:28 Id: ebc7d2 [Preview] No.87582 del
Do you mean you posted a pictured based on a memoriabilia site? You posted a pic based on a site who wanted to sell you some rare shit? Are you for real? Jesus, I know the movement is not on his best stace, but come on, don't play with me.

Anonymous 05/26/2022 (Thu) 07:35:13 Id: 62983a [Preview] No.87584 del
You asked for a picture, you got a picture. I don't own the pamphlet. Where else do you think this type of product is going to be, besides kike fraud holocaust museums? There has been a long period of 'denazification' going on over 7 decades. Yes, that is the state of affairs for National Socialist productions.

Anonymous 05/26/2022 (Thu) 07:49:42 Id: ebc7d2 [Preview] No.87585 del
No I asked for the pamphlet, but you shouldn't post bullshit, the ministry was called ministry of propaganda and ILLUMINATION for a reason, the reason was ILLUMINATION, propaganda meaning the spreading of ILLUMINATION, the truth will set people free, folks have within them the power to discern truth, it's not right to give them false information, folks when given the right information will be able to take the right path and bring peace to this world, they must first learn this truth, and later, embrace it, the second step is harder, I know, but it's worth it. I know my folk have the power and the endurace to do it, I know they will see through the trials and tribulations, but if they're feed lies they will never reach the truth, they will remain in lies and keep blaming each other for petty things. This is not the world I want for my folk. I asked for a pamphlet.

Anonymous 05/26/2022 (Thu) 15:28:36 Id: c81f11 [Preview] No.87588 del
"It looks fake" is all you have to go on so I have no idea why you're flipping out after you asked for something and it was provided. The article referenced in this thread states the flyer was seen in the holdings of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek in Leipzig. If you want to see that, you'll have to go there.

Anonymous 05/27/2022 (Fri) 04:24:10 Id: edd97e [Preview] No.87594 del
>I have no idea. It was sold by a website that collects this type of memorabilia. The watermark is there.
Which one?

Anonymous 05/27/2022 (Fri) 05:34:02 Id: 62983a [Preview] No.87604 del
https://3reich-collector.com Of course it's pozzed to shit. I don't condone whatever garbage human being who runs the site (most likely a jew with their obsession of hatred). However, the material appears to be authentic.

Anonymous 08/06/2022 (Sat) 10:56:31 Id: 684536 [Preview] No.88076 del
We will have our victory.

Chin up everyone.


Anonymous 08/06/2022 (Sat) 15:03:56 Id: c81f11 [Preview] No.88077 del
(162.95 KB 826x368 How to rise.jpg)

Anonymous 08/07/2022 (Sun) 06:08:00 Id: adac1a [Preview] No.88080 del
The world used to have no cities. City-states then started appearing. City-states led to countries. Now there is a global government. Hopefully, countries will break into small villages again when everything collapses.

Iceland is not a free country, but maybe small places are more likely of having peace if everyone has similar values and backgrounds and everybody knows each other.

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