Anon 07/09/2024 (Tue) 19:37 No.10647 del
>/ipfs/bafybeiclh7yewgwowsbmjurkxup5fhd3o2x6rrbd5jwm7kyiklqcwnrj5e [partly not ipfs-created by me]
That Ponebin thing is now pinned in two computers - 160,040 blocks:
>Imported 160040 blocks (3814302132 bytes)
>Deer back on earth carried Lyme disease along with a dozen other illnesses.
>Could horses contract Lyme disease?
>Could magical ones?
> --ipfs://bafybeie6unbx5ftzw4qtmkdkvnq3htj4ppwehavlty3y6vlkypmtt7kgfq/1/h7C0YTqw - part of a series, seemingly
>”Maybe Applejack would make us a nice pie? She makes the best damn pies around... has the best damn thighs too.”
> --ipfs://bafybeiclh7yewgwowsbmjurkxup5fhd3o2x6rrbd5jwm7kyiklqcwnrj5e/ponebin_61704_cidv/0/V0djPSZv - read the start of this story, seems kinda interesting
>Three hours, that's how long Pinkie has been begging you [to] try nostril fucking her.
> --ipfs://bafybeie6unbx5ftzw4qtmkdkvnq3htj4ppwehavlty3y6vlkypmtt7kgfq/0/GtveiQ1f

There's a ./ponebin_61704_cidv/0/ (original) and a ./ponebin_61704_cidv/1/ for CIDv0 and CIDv1. Why? for a certain remote thing that I was using which apparently turned out to be pretty disappointing. One of the things that I learned: "$ ipfs files chcid ..." only applies to folders; it just changes Base58<->Base32:
>$ ipfs files stat /a/tmp/19files | head -n1 # "19files" = a folder

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