Anon 07/10/2024 (Wed) 07:28 No.10648 del
Mega folders "NHNB Archive" >>10607 and "LOONA" >>10646 are currently in one HDD here:
- Size: 14 GB; I think I was duplicating a version of this, but then SSH said "client_loop: send disconnect: Broken pipe"
- The nhnb one includes the extracted and non-extracted versions; the corresponding Mega folder only has the packed version

Folder which includes a small amount of MLP images and the software that 4chan uses to play WebM video files in iPones:

----\\ WBM: big delays in registering snapshots as of 2024-07-9&10 UTC

In the past I created software which indexed IPFS folders in various ways. Here's a CID-less way to do that - indexing a folder after FUSE-mounting IPFS:
>$ find /ipfs/bafybeieh7byyideapvemglpt7jjp5o2otf2u6s3ksgvejzyxonnl5wb5hq -printf "%Y %F %s %p\n"
>d fuse 0 /ipfs/bafybeieh7byyideapvemglpt7jjp5o2otf2u6s3ksgvejzyxonnl5wb5hq
>d fuse 0 /ipfs/bafybeieh7byyideapvemglpt7jjp5o2otf2u6s3ksgvejzyxonnl5wb5hq/.MEGABASTERD_CHUNKS_87aa503723e9a5ee1012f2e1dd082ab6f2a25646
>d fuse 0 /ipfs/bafybeieh7byyideapvemglpt7jjp5o2otf2u6s3ksgvejzyxonnl5wb5hq/NHNB Archive
>f fuse 1356362713 /ipfs/bafybeieh7byyideapvemglpt7jjp5o2otf2u6s3ksgvejzyxonnl5wb5hq/NHNB Archive/clop.7z
>f fuse 4051165184 /ipfs/bafybeieh7byyideapvemglpt7jjp5o2otf2u6s3ksgvejzyxonnl5wb5hq/NHNB Archive/fim.7z.mctemp

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