Anon 07/10/2024 (Wed) 20:45 No.10649 del
BitTorrent is limited by the requirement that .torrent files contain every path in the torrent; they also must contain SHA1 hashes of all of the pieces. This is a good and bad thing. It's good because it means there is definitely a complete index of every torrent that is alive or saved as a .torrent file somewhere. It's bad because it means that individual torrents can't contain a million or more files (>>10640). With IPFS, there's CAR files, but those contain both metadata and data; is there a thing contains only metadata? I think not, but you can create text file indices. Here's a find-based method which is like the one here - >>10648 - but it also shows the resolved CIDs of each path:
$ find /ipfs/bafybeibh4mt6yq6rlilnzddoul5jl67prusv7g3zbscqbc3ytds5cuwnhy -printf "%Y %F %s %p\n" | xargs -d "\n" sh -c 'for args do cid=$(echo "$args" | sed "s/^\S \S* \S* //g"); echo -n $(ipfs resolve "$cid" | sed "s/\/ipfs\///g"); echo " $args"; done' _ | head
bafybeibh4mt6yq6rlilnzddoul5jl67prusv7g3zbscqbc3ytds5cuwnhy d fuse 0 /ipfs/bafybeibh4mt6yq6rlilnzddoul5jl67prusv7g3zbscqbc3ytds5cuwnhy
bafkreibzmrukazsuoudlj64trk4i343zg233uyt6ufjd4rr42p72tqcpcq f fuse 105 /ipfs/bafybeibh4mt6yq6rlilnzddoul5jl67prusv7g3zbscqbc3ytds5cuwnhy/buttonfade-dark.png
[...]bafybeihttskcxyrgxjibjpmptruzgla5pcufw7v4zx5kwm6hrm5e74sbyu d fuse 0 /ipfs/bafybeibh4mt6yq6rlilnzddoul5jl67prusv7g3zbscqbc3ytds5cuwnhy/emotes
bafkreieczhbxnv642nregz5iyncz6ghqy5wyjikn6r2sxev2iljroezf5a f fuse 3441 /ipfs/bafybeibh4mt6yq6rlilnzddoul5jl67prusv7g3zbscqbc3ytds5cuwnhy/emotes/1d7e369a_koiwai.png
bafkreiaqstynidfndyeyr7am5qgnwwgvlwkzdqvt2lepvopdaevedgedxe f fuse 1934 /ipfs/bafybeibh4mt6yq6rlilnzddoul5jl67prusv7g3zbscqbc3ytds5cuwnhy/emotes/59b6bba6_FeelsBadMan.png
bafkreictge7z2fbk6kdixfahzenwh3mbyjeivekzm7rkrqgnay576taul4 f fuse 1943 /ipfs/bafybeibh4mt6yq6rlilnzddoul5jl67prusv7g3zbscqbc3ytds5cuwnhy/emotes/634a21ba_gachiHYPER.png
xargs: sh: terminated by signal 13
$ # No " | head" = wouldn't have been "terminated by signal 13". Or, view paths + resolved CIDs for files, folders, AND blocks by running "ipfs refs -r --format="<src> -> <dst> = <linkname>" [cid]"

The "software which indexed IPFS folders in various ways" and info is recorded here:

Speaking of torrents, I wanted to do more with those, including MLP ones. Haven't got to doing that yet. Please realize that some torrents get barely any activity, and others become offline completely and forever (they disappear).

Images from this 1.2-TB folder which has millions of files: