Anon 05/02/2020 (Sat) 05:37:42 No.5852 del
I was talking about the idea of a lurker having a certain power. Staying partly hidden. A certain mysteriousness of never knowing what they are tracking unless they speak. More properly anonymous compared to us. Doing their own thing. You get it. I can see one deciding that hiding in the shadows is a more based way of doing things but the real master of that attitude was BO.

> It seems likely but I donĀ“t buy it despite the wish.
I'd say that he already implied to have a fair bit on his plate and probably does doubly do to the pandemic. I'd be awesome if he ever does decide to show up back here because frankly I think he is similar to us but totally understand if he doesn't.

>you got me.
"Cutie Mark Crusaders Drunk Teenagers!"

>so we can repeat in cap these words: