Anon 05/02/2020 (Sat) 23:10:22 No.5854 del
>I can see one deciding that hiding in the shadows is a more based way of doing things but the real master of that attitude was BO.
well, it´s not uncommon at all to operate in the dark when one has the power but as for something as meaningless as a board in an altchan, then normally Board Owners try to encourage directions for the board...and I have to agree that the BO didn´t mark any direction and let this board go through a spontaneous route/order by itself without having to tell anything.

It is either based or he didn´t care all that much at first and then, he saw the potential..... or perhaps, both things occurred.

>I'd say that he already implied to have a fair bit on his plate and probably does doubly do to the pandemic.
yeah, definitely it´s not recommended to go through these episodes and combine it with this abnormal situation.

>I'd be awesome if he ever does decide to show up back here because frankly I think he is similar to us but totally understand if he doesn't.
he is more similar but I think that his silence prevented him from expressing that and use certain mediums to vent his thoughts. He wouldn´t have kept the board under his command for so long if he wasn´t interested at all.

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