The thread of a personal project Anon L23 02/10/2018 (Sat) 06:06:53 No.656 del
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>What is this thread about?
Talking about how it feels to be in the /end/. The darkest place where no one comes.
>What is this project about the so called end?
Difficult to know, but when no one is watching,you act differently. I have a project in mind about that aspect for this thread.
>How is it going to last?
Either very few posts (10 or so) or a very long one.
>Does it have any purpose?
Basically my thoughts about some things transferred into a pony body. Nothing that fits completely on character or my full personal attention to get "fame". Just a guide or vision I want to share in a grey place. Several threads have pointed them out but I especifically want to focus on something else inspired from those first posts.

Nothing is planned and I can't promise anything....