The Second Reunion (clip, ) Anon 06/17/2021 (Thu) 22:44:33 No.7627 del
Well, this thread...I haven´t been capable to deliver any activity and as anyone would tell, it shows that Bridgefag and I were unexpectedly running this board (even though the polish BO owned /endpone/ behind the scenes). The levels of insecurity were quite high and the sheer audacity I had for opening this thread could have backfired badly and we could have ended it up here.Nowadays, I wouldn´t have opened a thread of this kind in such a reckless manner where I would type a personal blog that could be a target for anyone to complain about my views. I consider myself fortunate to not have been the case for it, considering the nature of this format. Huge respect to those who have been lurking and waiting for me so I could naturally develop this thread.

I guess that the best thing that could have happened to this thread was the transition from starting it as an opinion about the evolution of this fanbase to stories/short fics that would enrich the content displayed over here. Today, I want to deliver something small after so much time of inactivity.

The clip I am sharing here shows the same style as this one >>5391. It is (or was) meant to be used as an announcement for the sequel of >>5439 called The Second Reunion, settled right after the events of The Second Chance. However, I only managed to make this clip and write the whole scheme of events for the story (2-3 pages). This idea was planned amidst the spring confinement (during late April) but I never truly trusted on what I was thinking about at the time.

While I have always had the idea how the story should go as a whole, I never put myself into it because I would need to keep up with the level of writing that I had shown in the last fic and later on, I would run into many problems that would hinder my mental/emotional stability. When I wrote The Second Chance, everything had been more or less kept in an apparent solid line, personally speaking. However, life is full of twists and this year has turned out to be more of a rollercoaster for me in general . Many aspects of my life have been changing throughout the last 11-12 months and I will need my time to go back to that state where I find myself at the same line (or better than) I was placed back in January 2020.

Does this mean that there won´t be any sequel? A sequel cannot be discarded at all but I truly wonder how it will turn out in terms of quality (if I properly get into it at all)

I wanted to prove that this thread could get a little bit of life. One cannot close the door to anything and thus, I want to leave it slightly open, just in case...