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>Honestly, I didnĀ“t know how to tag him so I came up with that provisional term (even though the reception of your term depends on him entirely)
I meant it as more of a status. I mean, I suppose one could say I am in "command" of /go/ and the current effort but he has been just a driving force and has put a fair bit of labor.

> I attempted to leave a reply over here and the servers failed yesterday...and here I am, reformulating the post all over again tonight. Great...
Had the same thing happen to me with a relatively long post. Anoying.

This deserves a much longer reply but for now I will say,
>Diplomacy, but with Equine units.
I have often thought on a similar theme, even with my relative lack of experience with rules like this. Rationally, how could our little ponies and the rational implications of there world affect stories and be incorperated into gameplay? So much really get ignored or not thought of...

> (I'm picturing cajun swamp barges, but instead of a fan, there's a bat at the back flapping his/her wings like Scootaloo does for her scooter, with either a unicorn or spear-toting batpony at the front of each barge)
I love this concept and... yes I did find a cap of when that actually happened in FiM.