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>Can't imagine why a band from the '70s wouldn't be more influential on folks born with half a decade of the Y2K nonevent but okay.
It probably did exist at one point but was wiped out by either copyright ID or unlisted purge. I mean, I have found PMVs for a lot of classic bands, sometimes somewhat obscure (Can I Tell You By Kansas, yes really, too bad I never saved it, the song would be vary appropriate right now in these times): [Embed]

>Have the one CCR PMV I could find.
Classic clipshow PMV. Maybe not high effort, but special and nostigatic all the same. Also making me think of Stargate...

> First I've seen, anyway. The song is Levitating, which is interesting but there isn't much levitation in the movie to use so it's just a montage of the girls so whatever.
Not my taste of song but first is a first (or possible first is a first anyway).

Speaking of PMVs, you looking for fortune son caused me to find this pretty neat little Rush PMV, even if a little goofy. I am surprised I never found this before, especially considering the style of this Drummershy reminds me of here the long vanished QuartzDash (rush PMVs, with similar vector placement and effects). Thanks for triggering me to find this.

> I think, just before this thread was launched.
Neat. A bit dupsteppy but I love songs made like this.

>my browser still refuses to play the audio portion.

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