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So, here's a few more, and if you were to go to YT, and look up the vid whose URL ends in bOMRcqxZe4I
You'd find a way to etch these yourself with a strip of vinyl, cut out, and a glue gun and some lexan. Also a charging cable. I've read online of someone using a cell phone wall-wart, so 5v 1A given the age of that advice. Takes a lot longer but does exactly the same thing to the vinegar/salt solution.

Now, most of these designs expect at least two colors plus the background. It seems to me I've seen comments to the effect that, you could etch to a slight depth, for one "color", then remove some of the vinyl, continue etching so the first portion is now double the depth of the second exposed section, and portions are at the original height of the base metal.

I also saw another video, much more painful to consider but, given lexan is really hard to come by nowadays, you can just build a wall of two layers of hot glue, spoon your vinegar in and hold the anode on a qtip which is submerged into the puddle of solution. You have to dump that out every minute and refill with fresh solution and maybe a fresh qtip but it will after five runs, etch deep enough to have your pattern be visible.