Anon 09/08/2022 (Thu) 09:12 No.8397 del
> Mojo comments on how oddly dark MLP could get sometimes.
It's weird that even Watch Majo gives me the feels now. Watch Majo It may have been cancer but it was cancer for a different, happier time. Speaking of dark, have some old sometimes edgy Skillet PMVs. Remember all those cheesy rock bands that were popular at the time? I wonder if edgy content like this and all the creepy and dark fics helped put some of the darker stuff in the show.

>I guess I'm using Musetrigger as another interstitial because Forget is longer. But if you want to view it as a bump before the post is over instead I wouldn't consider that wrong. Even if you are wrong I won't let go of my idea.
Probably not the anon you are talking too but what do you mean with this context?