Anon 09/23/2022 (Fri) 08:38 No.8418 del
I think it is the new trailer for the new series. premieres September 25 (in the US at least on Netflix anyway) if I recall correctly.

I know. Been running into that with a lot of things. 2012 feels so close yet is now been a decade and it is haunting--almost a little painful.

Speaking of old, here is one of the first PMVs ever made, a month before MLP premiered on the Hub. Technically, that makes this pre-fandom in the context of the modern one that spawned from 4chan.

Now, I had some G5 vids to post, but my netbook is spurging out a bit and I have been unable to download said videos intact, sound is out of sync or non existent. Video can be slow as well.